5 Ways To Make Your Home Into A Safe Haven

Superheroes have all one thing in common – aside from the cape and the skin-tight costume that nobody in the whole universe would be able to wear comfortably. They keep people like you and me safe.

You know that with a Batman or a Superman in town, you would feel a whole lot safer at night than you already do. Unfortunately, if there’s one thing we’ve all learned from adulting here and there, it’s that superheroes don’t exist in the way of the Marvel comics. Of course, every day, ordinary people continue to do extraordinary things and to prove that the real heroes of today don’t need to wear a cape – or even a uniquely designed crime-fighting outfit. But do they make you feel safe at night?

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In truth, ordinary people make the world a little better with their kindness, their courage, and their generosity. They put others first. They pay for the grocery bills of the single mother. They donate to children’s charities. They help their relatives to pay off their debt. They rescue abandoned puppies. The tales of good samaritans are endless, and it would be unfair not to mention the difference they make to the world. Nevertheless, you know in your heart that a good samaritan a superhero does not make. Their good deeds can give us all faith in humanity. Knowing that a single mom will be able to feed her children tonight or that a small and hungry puppy has found a caring foster parent doesn’t exactly make you feel safe at home. Safety doesn’t come from a place of kindness and good. It comes from a place of practical and smartly-thought solutions.  

#1. Add security solutions

There is no place like home. It’s a sanctuary of peace and coziness you build for your family and yourself. Homeowners all over the world report that they consider their home to be the one place they can truly let go and be themselves. Now imagine waking up in the middle of the night. You hear a loud sound coming from downstairs. You’re too scared to leave your bedroom. So, as quietly as you can, you dial 999 and whisper your address on the phone.

‘Please,’ you say ‘I think there are burglars in my home.’

And, as soon as the siren echoes in your street, you hear anxious footsteps running away. The burglars are gone. With them, your home cinema, your stereo, your gaming station and even the charger to your camera. They’ve left dirty footprints all over the floor. The police tell you they’ll do their best to find the culprits. In the meantime, you struggle with your insurance cover to get compensation. More importantly, you feel as if your safe and cozy bubble has been violated. You can’t sleep at night anymore. You wake up each time you hear a car driving down your road. Unfortunately, there’s no Batman to call to the rescue. But a home security system can not only help you to identify burglars and inform the police in real time, but it can also deter criminal activities. After all, your safety is worth a few smart CCTV cameras.

#2. Secure the foundation in unsturdy soils

Did you know that the soil beneath your home might not be as stable and sturdy as you first thought? Indeed, when the ground becomes unstable, your home is at risk of serious structural issues. Poor drainage and heavy precipitation are notoriously harmful to both the foundation of your property and the overall condition of the structure, as it can affect the building materials. Another common risk is for homeowners who have fallen in love with an old property; as additional extensions and equipment can dramatically increase the weight on the foundation and lead to instability. You can use rammed aggregate piers to strengthen your foundation in such buildings. Similarly, the piers can also bring the necessary stabilization in poor and soft soil.

#3. Reconsider your firewall needs

There is no Internet without firewall protection. For anybody who grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s, you’re probably used to surf the online world with your firewall on. The problem about firewalls, however, is that they’re designed to keep your data and devices safe from unwanted and criminal access. When, in the old days, your firewall acted as a shield to block Trojan Horse virus attacks from suspicious ports before they occurred, the 21st century has brought new data privacy risks that your good old firewall can’t tackle. Hackers can easily gain access to your smart home system data and learn your routine for future references – think something along the line of smart burglary. In other words, if you haven’t upgraded your firewall to be as smart as modern cybercriminals, your home will never be safe.

#4. Make room for your greens

Don’t you feel safe at home, watching the gray clouds of pollution surrounding the traffic? Thankfully, you can breathe freely at home. Or can you really?

In reality, indoor pollution has been ignored for too long. While it’s unlikely to cause sudden death, it can lead to respiratory illnesses, concentration and mood issues, as well as a shortened life expectancy. Where does it all come from? Indoor air pollution is the combination of dust, vapors of chemical products, synthetic fragrances, paints, carpet, toxic material compounds, etc. Every household has some level of indoor pollution, which you can address by introducing air purifying houseplants.

#5. Check for water infiltration

From a recurring cough to a room that can never get warm, water can affect both your health and your home structure. Water infiltration is one of the most common causes for mold patches and asthma in modern homes. Indeed, temperature variations throughout the year can encourage external cracks and let water in. Similarly, the lack of drainage maintenance or material research can also aggravate issues. However, too many water leaks remain unnoticed by homeowners as they occur in between walls, under the roof or in any other inaccessible areas. Keep your eyes open to keep your home safe!

When Batman doesn’t answer your calls, you need to take your home safety into your own hands. A safe home is about keeping unwanted guests away, from criminals – cyber or not – to air pollution and cracking structures. Your safety needs work.