5 WordPress Plugins to Secure your Blog.

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WordPress being a very popular avenue for millions of sites the world over is a target for hackers, who try and with great effort too, to access it, with the ultimate intention of using these “napped” blogs or sites to carry out illegal and malicious activities. However WordPress has always had some level of security, but there also has been growing concerns from bloggers about boosting the overall security of their WordPress blogs.

There are several methods to improve the security of your blog. The list below contains five wordpress plugins to secure your blogĀ and give you peace of mind.

After installing your WordPress blog, by default the first user is called admin. You must create a totally different user for the management of your blog. Removing the administartor user Id from administrator to subscriber, will enhance the security of your WordPress blog. Another option is the creation of a user name that is random and cannot be traced back to you, and then uses your email to log into WordPress. The WP-Email Login supports email based usernames in WordPress login form.

  1. Wordfence Security
    Wordfence security is an effective and free security plugin for your WordPress blogs, which ensures continuous anti-virus scanning, firewall protection, malicious URL scanning, live traffic updates that include crawlers. Wordfence also will send you an email each and every time someone, other than yourself tries access your admin area, or if there is a malicious link to your blog.It also has the ability to lock users out after several unsuccessful attempts at login in. Wordfence security ensures that your blogs are completely safe by repairing and verifying your core, plugin files and themes, even when you don’t have backups. How convenient is that? And that isn’t all; you can also with Wordfence block specific IPs from the plugin itself. This is arguably one of the best security solutions for your blogging security worries, on WordPress.
  2. WP Security Scan
    WP Security Scan, to ensure that your blogs are totally safe, scans some central componests of your blogs. What the plugin does is to check the WordPress version and the table prefix, to see if the WordPress is hidden or not, if errors of the DB are off, if the tag of the meta tag, has been removed and if the admin user exists, also for security if the a.htaccess file has already been placed for security in the wp admin.Additionally it can scan permissions of files of core WordPress folders, to show what exactly was suggested and what permissions where given. Changing the suffix of the WordPress table for the blogs protection, from number zero of attacks and WP security Scan also gives you access to a password strength checker. And it doesn’t at all, need to be active every time, to carry out these functions in ensuring that your blog is better secured.
  3. Goggle Authenticator
    This Goggle Authenticator WordPress plugin provides security for your blogs by giving you, two step authentication using Goggle Authenticator app for iPhone/Android and blackberry.
  4. IM Login Dongle
    Using IM Login Dongle can add a two way authentication through a selected instant messenger.
  5. DO NOT Advertise your WordPress version
    To ensure that your blog is secured at all times, it is very important to remember not to publish the version number, simply because this makes it easy for those with negative motives to know if the version of WordPress you are running with is outdated and non-patched.Removing the WordPress version from the page is fairly easy, provided that you make a change. Delete the readme.html file from your WordPress installation directory; because it also advertises the WordPress version of your blog to the entire world, this is not the smartest security move to make.

These are my top five wordpress plugins to secure your blog, which will in turn bring about a peaceful state of mind and creativity. Allowing you to blog the best way you know how.

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