Guest Posts Are Great But…6 Tips To Boost Your Google Juice

The days of junk articles and low quality “article marketing” are going the way of the buggy whip and the link farms. Google’s panda project is changing the way that searchers see the Internet and it is changing it for the better. Content is still King, but today, quality content is the real King and that’s a good thing for quality marketers like you.

And it’s a good thing for other quality publishers as well. Good informative content, content that actually has a value to the reader takes far more effort than the fluff content that had been so prevalent on many sites. In the past publishers wanted strict control over what content actually appeared on their site. But today, there’s a new sense of collaboration between publishers whose sites are ranked high by Google. Guest blogging and guest content are now becoming a popular way for publishers to add content without diminishing their high standards.

And the authors of the guest content benefit as well thanks to the common practice of publishers allowing one or two links within the guest content. Getting links from a quality site that point back to your page has to be one of the best ways to improve your standing in the SERP.

So if you’re following this strategy and you’ve got your first piece of guest content published, congratulations! But don’t sit on your new-found laurels they’re still much you can do to squeeze out the most benefit from your guest posting.

Promote… Promote … Promote

Recently I had a conversation with an associate of mine named Laura Penekamp. Laura has a website that offers online car insurance quotes and she had just posted her first piece of guest content about the insurance industry and she was wondering what she could do to maximize the exposure of that article. After a little brainstorming, she and I came up with a checklist of sorts:

  1. Tweet it! Tell your followers how cool it is to see your story on a great rated website.
  2. Like it. Ditto for your Facebook account. Get people interested in both the article and the new website.
  3. If you Digg it odds are others will too. Use all the social media you can to get the word out.
  4. Talk it up. Speaking of getting the word out, don’t forget your email list. Include a blurb and a link to the story in your next mailing.
  5. Link it. Add a link to your article in other content that you produce.
  6. If you have a blog (and who doesn’t) include the fact that you were invited to post on another website and provide the link. Make sure you respond to any comments in a timely fashion and push the idea of how excited you are.

You may have noticed that this little cheat sheet looks a lot like the “to do” list for promoting your own content…and in a sense it is.

Making everybody happy

Your objective was to get an article with a couple of links published on a respected website and you were successful. The publisher wanted to get quality content for free and he or she was successful. Now what both of you want is for as many people as possible to see that content. You know the publisher will give it a shot and what you are doing by promoting it is building that page’s credibility and rank.

The higher the ranking the more potential views and the more juice you get for your backlinks. It’s a win-win situation for both of you

Speaking of happy…Lisa is for sure happy with the results so far. Her site auto insurance quotes online but of course it doesn’t matter what you promote getting backlinks from quality sites will definitely give your site a boost. The more “prestigious” you make that page where you are published in the SERP the more valuable the backlink.

So that’s Lisa’s and mine short list, what else can you add? What promotional ideas have you used to get your guest post more exposure. Leave us a quick answer in the comment box below.


A recognized expert in natural search and outsourcing, James Martell is a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. His approach to the business is “real world” not some super secret technique. His methods are based on intelligent planning, solid execution and effective monitoring of results. His laid back “guy next door” style has made him a popular choice for speaking engagements at affiliate marketing conventions and events across the world. James hosts the “Affiliate Buzz” podcast, the oldest and longest running in the affiliate marketing¬†industry.