7 Best WordPress Productivity Plugins For Business Blogs

WordPress is a platform for creating blogs and websites. With the wide range of plugins available, you can easily create any site and customize it to make it more SEO friendly, visually attractive and provide you with whole range of productivity solutions. However choosing the right plugin as per your needs can sometimes get quite hard as there are many plugins, both FREE and Premium which provide different features.

Following are some WordPress Productivity Plugins which will increase the productivity of your business websites and make it quite easier to manage.

  1. All In One Event Calendar
    With the All in one Event calendar, you can easily list your events in your blog and share it with your visitors. It is available for FREE and has a clean design. It comes with many features with month or week view, upcoming events widgets and interested visitors can register for events. It automatically imports events from your main calendar and categorizes them in many other calendars according to your preference. Also each event is SEO optimized and links to your main calendar.
  2. Events Manager
    It allows you to easily create events and mange them. It has Google map integration and comes with whole lot of widgets. It allows members or even guests to create an event with event locations. It is also compatible with most of the SEO plugins.
  3. Newsletter Plugin
    The Newsletter plugin allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletters quite easily. You can either use the single or double opt in subscription form approval.

  4. Mailpress
    Mailpress provides you a newsletter plugin as a widget as well as an option to customize your mails to make it look more visually attractive. You can customize the mails using various mail themes, templates and fonts. Also you can subscribe to the comments, newsletters and mailing lists etc.

  5. Collabpress
    Collabpress is one of the finest collaboration or task management plugin for WordPress. You can easily create any task or project and assign members for the task. You can create unlimited tasks, make a list and add comments to the tasks. Also members will get an email notification everytime there is a new task assigned.

  6. Embed pdf
    With the Embed pdf plugin, you can easily embed a pdf file in your site which can be viewed using the Google docs viewer. All you need to do is put the pdf url or embed it using html tags. However make sure that the url ends with a pdf.

  7. Google Document Embedder
    It lets you embed doc, xls, pdf, flash and other major file types to your blog and provide inline viewing as well as a download option to your visitors. It is quite simple to use and hence there is no need for flash or pdf browser plugins for viewing these documents. The files neednít be uploaded separately and you can use any file which is already uploaded, anywhere in the internet including your own site.

Author:  Divya is a Content Writer and a blogger. She works in an SEO Company iNetZeal.com and specializes on SEO, social media optimization, keyword research, wordpress seo and more.