7 Ways To Improve Your Website

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When it comes to improving and making the best website possible, you can feel as though there are about a million different things you should be doing. And looking around at other sites, you can let yourself down thinking yours simply can’t compete when it comes to looking good and more.

But there are just a few major things that you need to concentrate on when it comes to creating and improving your website, and in turn, keeping a great reputation online. Let’s see what the seven most important keys are as you work to improve your website for your clients and customers:


– Keep an active blog

First and foremost, who is going to come to a site if the content never changes? Keep an active blog that you update regularly – even just once or twice a week – so that people will keep coming back, checking out what you have to say, and learning more about you.

– Structure your site better for SEO

Search engine optimization is key when it comes to being found online, so make it a point to structure your site for SEO purposes. That means understanding the key words you want to target in your site, as well as understanding key words you need to hit when it comes to showing up on Google.

– Ask for feedback and try variations

Leave a comment box on the site, or ask your friends and people who know web design. What works? What doesn’t? Use their feedback, and take it to heart to improve your site.

– Use bigger buttons, focus on less text

Nobody has the time or desire to read lines and lines of text on a website, so focus more on buttons and logos, and less on text. Be short, concise, and brief, and above all, be visual!

– Add images

Images are a critical component of this “be visual” rule discussed above, as images make a site far more appealing for viewers and consumers. Make your site image friendly, and make it a point to hold a lot of images of you, your company, your products, or your organization on your site for reference, as necessary.

– Find a way to profit from your website

Whether it is selling products for yourself, or using advertising platforms like Google AdSense to make some money after you drive traffic to your site, being able to profit on the web is the goal. You can do so in a variety of ways, but it all depends on being able to get enough traffic to come to your site in the first place, interested and eager.

Finally, make it a point to get a great logo for your site, your brand, or your products that you can use. Spend a little bit of money on a professional graphic designer, and make it memorable, worthwhile, and more – and you will notice your site being referenced more as legitimate and worthwhile in turn.

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