Amazon Echo

Amazon sure has been busy the past couple days, first prime photos and now Amazon echo.

I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while, it may not be as good as the video – but the whole concpet really intruiges me.  Siri meets the local news.

It has always been an app in my mind.  When I leave the geo fence at my house – the app kicks in and has already downloaded my list.  “Good morning, Tom” – “its going to be a cold one, I hope you brought a hat.”  Tthen proceeds to read me my customized news.

Is not just the same old McNews, but the channels I want and the subject matter I want too.  This will include a text-to-speech of the previous night’s high school scores from Twitter, local news stories about the subject’s I stated a likeness to and also any unread text messages or emails.  All there – just for me, right when I want it.

This is a neat idea, echo – I just hope the concept “travels” well.

I put my name on the list to get one of these echoes as soon as it comes out – so, if I do get one I will provide a full report.