Art of Social Media Marketing

Social media has a place for marketers to advertise about their company and draw in prospective customers. With people spending more time on these platforms, everything seems to align for companies to use social media marketing as an advertising platform.

An increase in opportunities creates an increase in competition. For a company to get noticed, it’s essential they have a well-defined strategy.

Selecting your Target Audience

Do not target the entire audience on the platform.  You need to define the audience.  Zone in on your well defined niche. Ideas for zooming in – region of the target audience, sex, age, geographic location and other interests are great places to start.

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  • Which platform is your target audience is using?
    Your target audience would be having a major presence on only a few social media sites and as such there’s no benefit to you in going beyond those sites.
  • How many platforms can you manage?
    There might be 5-6 platforms where your audience is! But, can you be active on all those platforms too? This is the question you need to ask yourself before creating an account on a social media platform.
  • Is it possible for you to make the content for the platform you are choosing?
    Making content for a social media is not an easy task. Therefore, you must decide the platforms on which your company would be capable of making content, regularly.

Your Social Media Profile

For each social media platform you will need to accounts.

  • Make sure the account name is a good representation of your company – so your customers can find you.
  • Use high quality photos and visually similar on all profiles – this will show familiarity for your customers.
  • Complete all fields.  The more information you add – the easier it will be for customers to find you.

Post quality content

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  • Images are good – add text to images to make them stand out.
  • Videos are awesome – people love video.  Its real and engaging.
  • Live videos are the best and given high priority by Facebook.
  • Stories are promoted by Instagram – so get to know how these work.


Your social media marketing plan will need to include some advertising.

  • Set an appropriate budget.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Track your results by each of the above so you can see what works for you and your brand.
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Import Notes

  • Always define time parameters for your ads.
  • Every platform has some different rules regarding ads.  Example: Facebook prefers images with 20% or less of text.
  • A/B testing is more important as the budget goes up.

Maintaining interaction with the user

Social media channels are popular and the reason why people spend so much time on them.  Social media is a two-way street – it’s important that you are active and respond to what people are engaging you with.  Thank positive comments and see if you can help people with negative reviews.  Handling social media is an art and it only comes with a lot of practice.



Author Bio:
Campbelljof is a Creative Head for Designhill, as well as a blogger and designer. He writes on topics concerning design, eCommerce, start-ups, digital marketing, and interactive content. His creative work has earned him several laurels over the years.