ASUS Chromebook Flip



  • 1.8 GHz Processor
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage : 16GB Solid State Storage; No CD or DVD drive
  • 10.1 inches 1280×800 LED screen
  • Chrome OS
  • Silver Chassis


The ASUS Chromebook Flip (flip C100) is a 10 inch, touchscreen Chromebook with a 360-degree hinge – enabling regular notebook mode, tablet mode, also stand and tent modes.  The flip is great for note taking, sharing videos – it does have a full keyboard and touch pad and the touch screen is multi-touch.

This machine runs the Chrome OS software – making it different from Windows and Apple.

Asus Chromebook Flip Review:

asus-chromebook-flip-01The first thing you will notice right away when you grab this chromebook is how sturdy it is – that is largely due to the all aluminum chassis.  But that is important when you go to open up the 360 folding hinge – I cannot tell you how handy having the hinge do that.  Its great if you are using the laptop on your lap, on the floor or a table.  Pretty awesome.

For even more storage, add a microSD card in the slot.  You can get some pretty big microSD cards now – so adding 64 or 128 gig of extra memory is an ease.

One thing that many people don’t know about chromebooks, even though they are cloud based, they can download apps and data and then read them in offline.

If this machine will be used for anything other than light web tasks – email, calendar, skype, chat…then ensure you are buying the 4 gig memory version.

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  • Touchscreen – which I thought was kind of silly at first…but is very good.  This will also allow a stylus to be used.
  • Its a fanless computer – which means is runs very, very quietly.
  • The Asus knows if it is in portrait or landscape mode – and will switch the screen accordingly.
  • The built in web cam makes Skype and Google Hangouts a breeze.
  • Micro-HDMI


  • USB ports are a little tight at first but loosen with use.
  • No internal GPS
  • No built in HDMI streaming.
  • No backlit keyboard

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