Automated Blog Commenting – Stop it, Stop it Now

Are you a blog owner? Do you comment on blogs of people belonging to your niche? Do you understand the importance of meaningful comments? Do you require backlinks to your blog or website? Do you use automated programs for blog commenting in order to get backlinks?  Shame on you! If yes, then read this article further. This article will enlighten you on the other aspect of automated programs for blog commenting. Read on to find out why one should not use automated programs for blog commenting.

Go Relevant

Leaving meaningful and relevant comments on a blog is indeed one of the easiest methods for increasing the targeted web traffic on your blog or website as well as in increasing its popularity. Effective search engine optimization is perhaps one the most beneficial aspect of blog commenting. The SEO benefits are for both the commenter as well as the blog owner. When people frequently leave comments on your blog, for you, the blog owner, it builds fresh content for other people visiting our blog. It is this fresh content that tends to grab the attention of the search engines and make them visit you over and over again.

It’s About Quality Not Quantity

Whereas, if you are a blog commenter leaving intelligent and meaningful comments on a blog or website, people visiting that particular blog or website will notice you. If your comments are relevant, they may perceive you as an authority of your forte. Your target audience or people of the same forte will then follow you to your blog or website as well. This will boost the visibility and exposure of your blog/website. It will also offer you the benefit of some relevant back-links.

Some people tend to use automated programs for blog commenting. Automated Programs for blog commenting find out blogs that are relevant to your forte and also submit back-links on its own. As a blog owner, you need to keep an eye out for such comments on your blog or website. People use these programs to leave trash comments, such as “Good Work, friend”, etc. solely for the purpose of getting a backlink. By making such hundreds of backlinks, they aim to enjoy better search engine optimization and gain higher search engine ranks. However, these comments do not add anything valuable, informative or meaningful to the conversation. They are totally worthless. In fact, such repetitive and recycled comments mat get your blog or website punished for duplicate content. Hence, it is widely advised not to use automated programs for blog commenting. Make sure that you delete such comments.

Most of the spam is indeed generated by these automated programs for blog commenting. Both blog owners and blog commenter should understand that they should maintain a win-win situation for each other, if they wish to ensure quality content for people surfing internet for information. Following good ethics will ensure that even you never lose anything. Make sure that you only leave comments that are meaningful and informative. Only then they will be useful.

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