Backlinking For SEO

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One of the most important steps you can take to drive more traffic to your website is backlinking for SEO.

What Is Backlinking SEO

Backlinking SEO is often only thought of as a technique that involves getting clickable links back to a specific website and/or webpage for the purpose of increasing a website’s ranking in the search engine given certain keywords or key phrases. It has the added advantage of driving extra traffic from the backlinks directly.

But is its root comes from people liking content on other peoples website and connecting with them, showing them respect – by linking. ¬†Going the creates that virtual web we hear so much about…

Why Does Backlinking For SEO Work

Search engines use a variety of factors when determining how webpages will rank in the search engine listings. These factors are built into their algorithms. One of the most important criteria that search engines consider is how popular a webpage is. This is determined in large part by how many other webpages link back to that particular page.

Examples Of SEO Link Building

  1. Clickable links placed on social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin
  2. Clickable links in a signature when one posts on discussion boards and forums
  3. Clickable links in a guestbook posting
  4. Clickable links placed in guest posts and in articles placed on other websites
  5. Clickable links in website directories like, DMOZ, and BOTW.

Getting Backlinks Organically

One of the best ways to get backlinks is to build a website that has such high value that other people will want to link to it and do so without the website owner asking for the link or placing the link themselves. This is a form of organic search engine optimization. Another example is when a social media post containing a clickable link goes viral. In this case, links may end up appearing on other people’s Facebook wall and Twitter accounts. This can also lead to people posting the links on their blogs and websites.

Not All Backlinks Are Equal

It is important to note that not all backlinks are equal in terms or how much weight they carry. For example, Google may consider a link in an important and well trusted directory like DMOZ much more important than a link in a personal directory that most people don’t even know about. Google may also consider a link on important news sites like CNN to be more trustworthy than a link on a personal blog about the same news story. Therefore, a link on CNN would be given more weight than a link on a personal blog in almost all cases.

Be Careful Not To Go Overboard with Backlinks

It is also important to note that one should be careful not to go overboard with backlinks or your effort may get flagged as spamming. For example, while it may be helpful to leave a link when one is signing a guestbook, if one goes out and signs hundreds of guestbooks with the same link on the same day, Google and other search engines may consider this spamming. Instead of getting a boost in search engine rankings, this type of behavior cause a site to be demoted, or even delisted, from a search engine’s database. For this reason, one should treat backlinking, other than organic backlinks, like a strong seasoning. A little is delicious but too much is added, it could have negative consequences!

The important thing here to have a balance with your links – all of any one kind of link is not natural…and that or our goal.

Search Engine Traffic Is Golden

One of the reasons why successful webmasters are so concerned about building links to improve their search engine rankings is that search engine traffic is considered by most experts to be one of the best sources of website traffic. Whether one is running an e-commerce site or an informational site with affiliate links, search engine traffic is known to convert better than most other sources of traffic. When people go to a search engine, they are looking for something specific and if the site they click on provides that, it is far more likely they will buy it or click on an affiliate link for more information.

In conclusion, backlinking for SEO is one of the most effective ways of improving a website’s visibility in the search engines and driving more traffic to a website. Luckily, it is also relatively easy to do if one follows the advice in this tutorial.

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