Backlinking Your Way to a 5 Figure Income

Recently we received a question regarding backlinking and just how many backlinks are required to make a 5 figure income and while there are no hard and fast rules, I think I’ve seen enough data to give a decent answer.

But there’s always a caveat. When I say backlink I’m talking about a link that exists on someone else’s site that links back to a page on your site. More importantly, that site where the link resides is a site that Google views favorably because it has quality content and/or is considered an authority site.

I am most definitely not talking about article marketing and the hundreds of worthless article sites. In fact if there is one thing that you take away from this post it should be stay away from article marketing like the plague! Google’s fixation on quality will ultimately send all of the article farms to the same shadowy realm as the old link farms. Just say no to article marketing.

The 4 steps to backlinking development – where does your site fit in?

It’s been my experience that you can lump websites into one of four backlinking categories.

1. The website is up but has zero backlinks.

Planning an affiliate website and actually putting together all of the elements is a ton of work. And it doesn’t matter what your product or service is be it digital IR photography or something as unique as arc welding services it still takes research, content development and of course website design and development.

Launching your site is something of a mixed experience. Yes it looks great and the fact that you can actually see it is rewarding but on the other hand, without developing backlinks you’re going to be the only one who ever sees it.

2. The website is up and has 5 to 10 articles distributed on quality websites.

When you first start the process of distributing articles to sites it’s similar to the backroom leg work that goes into planning a website. You have to identify quality blogs or sites that welcome guest content and then develop a relationship with them.

I think this “management” task takes the steam out of some affiliates and they simply sit back and “see” what they can get. Each article has two links pointing back to two pages on their site so the total is only 5 to 10 links pointing at each of the 2 pages. Typically they “see” very little.

3. The website is up and has 20 to 30 articles distributed.

Many affiliates fall into this category particularly those that are doing this part time. Twenty to thirty serious backlinks to each of the two pages will bring in a fairly steady stream of qualified traffic and the site probably will be doing okay on sales. Not great they are starting to see regular sales.

And then the holiday season hits and for two months the site does great so the total income for the year looks like a nice part time job.

4. The serious full time affiliates.

These are the people who want to make this business their livelihood. They have 100 to 150 quality articles distributed meaning 100 to 150 links to each of their 2 targeted pages (200 to 300 pointing at the domain) and they are easily making the 5 figure income on a consistent and sustainable basis. It’s not done over night but it is easily done within a year and the neat thing about it is you don’t have to do it all yourself.

So if you have just launched a site for an infrared filter or whatever your niche is, your job isn’t over it has just entered a new phase.

The win-win story for guest content

Google loves new quality content and if all other factors are the same it is likely to rank new content above older links. Webmasters know this and the many are willing to allow guest postings to keep their content fresh and updated. In exchange for free content they will agree to one or two do follow links for each story.

Finding these sites is fairly easy using a Google search. But before you contact them, make sure that you fully understand their editorial guidelines. Review the types and styles of articles that are already posted to make sure that your pitch to the webmaster is relevant.

Then contact the webmaster (some of these sites actually have a link for “write for us” and present two or three topic ideas that you think would be a good fit for the site. If you can develop a good relationship with 30 to 50 of these sites and then just add 10 articles a month spread out over different sites, at the end of the year you’ll have close to 200 to 300 solid backlinks pointing at you.

[asa]B0052A1UA2[/asa]At some point in this process you are going to see a significant increase in sales and that’s when you can start outsourcing this task if you like. For example if you’re a great marketer but a so-so writer outsource the articles. This allows you to move on to another project and create another stream of revenue. This is the route of serious growth.

So what’s your take on this? Do you have any questions or tactics you’d like to share? If you do just put them in the comment box below.

About the Author:

James Martell is well known expert in affiliate marketing, outsourcing and SEO. He is a sought after speaker, affiliate marketing trainer and podcaster. James along with his wife Arlene a weekly series of affiliate marketing podcasts on iTunes. James lives in White Rock BC, a seaside suburb of Vancouver on west coast of Canada with his wife, Arlene and their 4 growing kids.