Basic SEO for Website Owners

There are three important points to focus on in regard to SEO. These are structure, content and backlinks. Though broadband encourages the use of audio and video on websites more than in the days when dial-up connections were common, FLASH content won’t always be recognized by search engines.

All text should be readable, so putting text in fancy banners may look good, but it will not be as effective with search engines as plain text – unless it’s an infographic  which can generate a lot of backlinks. Also, check how your website looks in various web browsers – it needs to look okay in all of the major browsers otherwise your traffic will be affected.

Creating good and unique content takes time, and you should also utilize keyword combinations. Look for keyword combinations on search engines, especially taking note of keyword combinations that don’t show up very often, but are still the type of phrases that people would type into a search engine. There are often many different ways of describing something, and not all descriptions will appear frequently. This then gives you the opportunity to use the more uncommon keyword combinations on your own site. These combinations shouldn’t be used in excess, and certainly no more than three times.

Having a good PR (page rank) remains important, despite the rise of social media. Backlinks pay a key role in achieving this. If there is a link to your website on a high ranking website, then this will help to boost your site’s PR. What’s more, you may get other sites wanting to exchange links, and a high PR is also more appealing to advertisers. Commenting on blogs and forums is another way of achieving backlinks, but you need to be careful to ensure that you are making legitimate comments and not just looking at a way of publicising your site.

NEVER include duplicate content on your site. Be aware that if you don’t copyright your content then it may be used on other sites, which can harm your own PR – even if that site links back to you.

Design a site map to further help search engines find your pages, and this should be placed on your website’s homepage. To doubly make sure that all the pages on your website will be found, there should be text links in place to every page of your site.

Charly Wargnier is a freelance copywriter based in London, UK. He writes and tweets about all things Digital & Electronic Music. Drop him a line on Twitter!

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