Be Contented Only With Good Content

The internet appears to be much like the universe; ever expanding and growing. However, as the net widens, its areas of new space quickly become filled with waste and rubbish if not checked properly. Our online culture has become plagued by terrible content and useless websites which detract from our experience of the web. Our ability to clearly search and receive the best results from search engines is shadowed by poor content which affects the clarity and believability of a search. Therefore online giants such as Google have implemented steps and buffers to reduce the amount of low quality content creeping up the ranking tables for searches.

Out With the Old and in With the New

With the incredible volume of information and sites online, it is a colossal task to sift through and uncover well hidden bad content often cloaked and disguised. Old SEO techniques known as ‘black-hat’ techniques mean that bad content is created or copied and posted to be placed as highly in the rankings of a search engine as possible; higher even than that of good content. This content is often written poorly because its creators have used non-English writers to exploit the ability to save on costing. Many attempt to cheat the systems of Google and other search engines for simplicity, speed and financial gain. However Algorithm updates are put into place by these companies to decrease the rank of sites that do not adhere to the guidelines set by Google’s webmaster and such-like. Companies like Google have set out to combat sites made up from poor content by creating algorithm updates to stop sites of a lower quality being placed before that of higher quality sites, just because of their involvement with SEO. Consequently this gives the browser a better and more efficient online experience.

The Panda Makes a Comeback: Making Bad Content Extinct

Introduced in February 2011, the Panda is one such instillation by Google to help prevent and stunt the growth of websites arising constructed from bad content. Its primary aim is to down-rank websites which are of a poor quality and thus give the consumer a better user experience. It was set to lower the low and raise the high, focussing mostly on quality and content.

The Penguin Gives Bad Content a Chilly Reception

A follow-up to Google’s Panda, the Penguin was introduced in April 2012 to improve the quality of websites at the high-end of Google’s search results. Unlike the Panda which improves the user experience for online consumers, the Penguin deals with spamdering, ensuring that creators of sites with a higher level of content are recognised above false sites.

The Importance of Good Content

It is of the upmost importance that creators of online content and websites provide the best quality content possible to make sure that they are not plagued by bad content and consequently threatened by the Panda or Penguin. There are many ways you can ensure your site avoids the clutches of both of Google’s new pets and here are just a few:

  • Create content which is unique and of the highest quality to ensure that your site is worth exploring.
  • Ensure that the content and information on your site is constantly kept up to date and checked regularly for errors, issues or grammatical and spelling faults. Simple mistakes cost dearly and are un-professional.
  • Establish your brand by making your site stand out in the online market place. If your branding is poor then you will not be worth exploring. Professional help can be sought after from copywriting and marketing companies to improve your image; thus helping to raise the value of your site.
  • Discover your clientele and engage with them. Speak to your customers and gain their trust: this will pay credit to your site. Craft uniqueness for your cause and show it to the world.
  • Keep your site clean and presentable at all times. Constantly show energy and movement by updating regularly and deleting that which is outdated. Keep your site fresh as consumers look for quality, not quantity.

In seeking the assistance of a copywriter from someone like Apple Copywriting you can make sure the content shown on your site is of the highest quality, leaving you contented that you are helping to ‘return high-quality sites to Google users’.