What Are The Benefits Of B2B Commerce For A Small Business?

B2B (business-to-business) commerce and integration is all the rage nowadays. Gone are the days when businesses would be limited to pure B2C, and would have a narrow target market. Integrating B2B tech within your small business is a great way to expand without compromising your integrity. As well as regular old commerce, ecommerce allows your customers to purchase products online, as well as a host of other benefits.


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B2B commerce and connections are vital for the growth of any small business. Integrating the technology to make these processes possible is a key factor that can set you apart from other companies. Whether you’re new to the world of B2B, or are experienced in its benefits, you should consider if it’s right to you. Selling to and connecting with business customers opens up your company to a ton of great opportunities.

Generally Speaking, Each Transaction Will Be Of A Higher Value

The key to the success of any business is sales. Sales, sales, sales. As a smaller company, you’ll need each and every one of them to be able to sustain yourself. Selling B2C (business-to-customer) is fine, but it doesn’t usually result in a huge profit margin for yourself. Most customers will buy one or two things, without really scaling up.

B2B commerce is a different story, however. Because companies tend to buy in bulk, and are more prone to high quality products, each transaction will be worth more to you. The time it takes to process and receive payment will be offset by the amount of revenue that’s coming in. Very rarely will a business choose to not buy in bulk, meaning that you’ll be rewarded more for each deal you make.

B2B Integration Is Extremely Fast To Implement

In any and all business practices, time is money, so you’ll have to save as much as possible. You want to make those sales as quickly as you can, and luckily, B2B integration is rather speedy to set up. Traditionally, B2B integration takes between 8 and 18 weeks, but this is coming down all the time. A provider like Adeptia can offer you B2B integration much more quickly, so your business can get started right away.

Most companies will thrive on the speed of which their systems are built, and with B2B you’ll be ready to go in no time. Because businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to work with other businesses, your door will always be open. Unlike the customer, who may buy erratically and not consistently, companies always have the need to buy in stock and that’s where you come in.

By Working With Other Companies, You’ll Gain Valuable Connections

Building up your small business is all about forging connections and allies. Because B2B is another distribution channel, you’ll gain extra exposure and increased brand recognition.

Networking is just as important for companies as it is for individuals, so don’t leave yourself lagging behind.


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Finding the right people to work with can allow you to become exposed to their particular audience, even if it is unrelated to yours. You’ll reach more people, and will have more sales chances. Working with another company can lead to endorsements and rich word of mouth – assuming you deliver a quality service.

Additionally, by using a search engine optimized online store, you’ll get noticed on the web faster and more often. You’ll establish yourself as a sales powerhouse a lot more quickly than you would otherwise, drawing in new clients in the process.

You’ll Have More Than One Target Market, Meaning More Income

Targeting the B2B, on top of the B2C sectors, means more people to sell to. Because you aren’t restricted to one market, you can diversify your sales techniques and products without risk. You can sell to more people in a short amount of time, meaning your gross per week will only go up. You can count on the businesses to buy in bulk to keep you ticking over long-term, and can rely on the customers for those smaller transactions.

Opening your doors to a wide variety of consumers is a great way to improve your brand image or awareness. Think of the basic theories of inclusion, and global appeal. If you only deal with one market, you’ll lose sales from others. By widening your gaze to the B2B sector, you’ll gain a ton more sales opportunities.

You could even have a B2B ecommerce store, custom built for businesses to have a streamlined shopping experience. When selling to companies, the customer experience is still important, so don’t neglect it. Offering many sales avenues for different target audiences is a great way to make their shopping experience all the better. For example, a B2B ecommerce site could place an emphasis on bulk-buying, and make this easier to do.


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Your Business Will Expand A Lot Quicker

More distribution channels equals more revenue which equals faster growth. By utilizing B2B commerce and ecommerce, you’ll increase online sales quickly and in a greater capacity. You will gain more income to build up your infrastructure and services. Increasing your business connections also opens you up to a whole host of chances for further development.

All in all, what’s the worst that can come out of expanding sales opportunities? The growth of any business will generally rely on how much they sell, without fail. Addressing both the B2B and B2C markets means you’ll be leaving no stone un-turned. You’ll gain a reputation for being a valued business client as well as a valued customer sales point. You will live and die by your reputation and word of mouth, and the more you can do to help people the more favorable they’ll be toward you.

The Sky Is The Limit

Overall, the future of your company rests in your hands. B2B is a great way to expand, meet new clients, and increase the revenue you receive per transaction. It will be the companies that diversify themselves and attempt to hit every possible market that succeed. So don’t get left behind!