Best E-readers for 2015

If you love reading and want something portable to store all your books in and carry with you anywhere you go, then look no further. Here we present the 8 best e-readers that are ultrathin and lightweight with high quality displays and very long battery lives to make sure you can read your favorite books in style whenever you want.

Top eReaders 2015

ectaco-jetBook-color-2Ectaco jetBook Color 2 – $500

Already implemented in Eastern Europe and Asia, the jetBook Color is the only eReader system in the world currently using a full Color e-Ink screen. Full speech recognition and fluent Text To Speech (TTS) make this unit completely interactive. Especially recommended for students the jetBook Color is the world’s first to utilize eye-friendly Color E Ink technology in an eTextbook Tablet oriented solely towards education.

The 9.68″ PVI EPD screen with a display resolution of 1600 (H) * 1200 (W) is exceptionally crisp, clear, and fast. With a dynamic speaker system and a Freescale i.MX508 800MHz with ARM Cortex A8 CPU the unit has instant response and functionality oriented towards an active student’s or teacher’s lifestyle.

sony-reader-daily-edition-prs-950scSony Reader Daily Edition PRS-950SC – $300

Responsive touch-screen interface with no glare or contrast issues; high-contrast 7-inch E-Ink Pearl display; both Wi-Fi and 3G wireless connectivity; integration with Sony e-book store; good battery life (up to 22 days); supports EPUB e-book standard, which enables e-book downloads from libraries and other third parties; audio capabilities; SD and Memory Stick Duo memory expansion slots; charges via Micro-USB port.

amazon-kindle-voyageAmazon Kindle Voyage – $199

Considered by many critics and customers to be the best e-reader ever, the Kindle Voyage has a high-resolution display (300 ppi) featuring sharp, dark text that reads even more like the printed page. The micro-etched glass screen is crafted to eliminate glare and feel like paper to the touch.

With a new adaptive front light, Kindle Voyage senses the light in your environment, and changes the setting to the ideal brightness.

PagePress allows you to turn the page without lifting a finger. By simply applying pressure on the bezel to turn the page, PagePress will provide a silent haptic response for consistent and immediate feedback. At just 7.6mm thin, Voyage is the thinnest Kindle ever.

Comes with built-in WiFi and the battery lasts for weeks.


The Sony Reader PRS-T2 is a compact and lightweight touch-screen e-book reader with built-in Wi-Fi and fast page turns. It offers access to a large catalog of e-books, magazines, and newspapers via Sony’s online store, plus online loaners from your local library. It also supports EPUB files, and is compatible with any e-book store that uses the Adobe DRM format. Its battery lasts for up to two months on a single charge with Wi-Fi off.

kobo-gloKobo Glo $129.99

One of the Kobo Glo’s best features is the revolutionary ComfortLight which illuminates   the screen with a soft, adjustable glow so you can read any eBook any time of day under the perfect light. In fact, Kobo Glo is proven to be the most even 6″ front-lit eReader. Because Kobo Glo uses infrared touch technology, it doesn’t need extra layers of material like Kindle Paperwhite does. This means that there’s less material between you and your eBooks for the clearest display.

Its high resolution Pearl E Ink screen has a high contrast ratio for ultra-sharp text. Kobo Glo comes fully loaded with the Merriam-Webster Collegiate® Dictionary.

Kobo Glo has the most durable 6″ E Ink eReader screen. When keys were dropped on the screen from heights of 1, 2, and 3 feet, Kobo Glo was the only eReader to maintain readability with virtually no damage.

The Kobo Glo lasts up to a month on one charge for continuous reading on the go.

amazon-kindle-paperwhiteAmazon Kindle Paperwhite – $119

Thinner than a pencil, lighter than a paperback—and over 30% lighter than iPad mini.

Paperwhite guides light toward the surface of the display with its built-in front light—unlike back-lit tablets that shine in your eyes—so you can read comfortably without eyestrain. You can also adjust your screen’s brightness for great reading in any light.

Unlike reflective tablet and smartphone screens, the latest Kindle Paperwhite  has no annoying glare, even in bright sunlight. A single charge can last up to eight weeks

Smart Lookup integrates entries from The New Oxford American Dictionary with information from X-Ray and Wikipedia so you can access definitions, characters, settings, and more without leaving your page or losing your place. Comes with WiFi.

barnes-noble-nook-glowlightBarnes&Noble Nook Glowlight – $99

NOOK GlowLight is ultra-slim and features a soft-touch trim and rounded corners, making it fit easily into the natural curve of your hand. NOOK’s latest GlowLight® is easy to adjust and provides a more evenly dispersed light for a perfect reading experience in dim light or total darkness.

It can hold up to 2000 books and you can download any book you want in seconds with the built-in WiFi. With a new top layer material and lamination process, NOOK GlowLight’s display is very durable.

Six stunning fonts optimized exclusively for NOOK ensure each character is fine-tuned to be as sharp as on the printed page. A single charge can last up to 8 weeks.

kobo-er430Kobo ER430 Slick Pocket eReader – $30

Featuring a 4.3 inch touchscreen, color high resolution display, 2GB of internal memory which can hold up to 2000 books, a Micro SD card slot for additional storage, built-in speaker and a USB 2.0 connection. Supports ePub, PDF, & TXT files. Very portable and great for people on the go.


The current leading e-readers on the market are undoubtedly the Kindles, but depending on your budget and reading needs you can choose any one of the top 8 e-readers for guaranteed satisfaction. Also check out our review on the top ultrabooks.