Best Place To Make A Free Website

Given the number of do-it-yourself web design tools there’s no need to be a computer guru to be able to create a website from scratch. All you need is the Internet connection, a bit of inspiration, creativity, and what’s more important – a well-thought-out idea or a business plan, while the technology aspect you can leave to the professionals, namely free online website builders. Below I have made up a list of the most convenient and powerful platforms allowing you to build professional looking websites for free.

Google Sites

Google Sites is one of the safest and easiest ways to create a website at no cost. It allows you to collect, edit and organize your content quickly and effectively. It is compatible with other Google resources, such as Google Documents, Google Calendar, Picasa, and Youtube to name a few. Creating a website on Google Sites can be compared to creating and editing a document. What’s more, with GS you can adjust the privacy settings of your site, similarly to the Google Docs privacy setup.

However, there are some drawbacks of using Google Sites. These include lack of customization, limited functionality and inability to change your domain name (with GS you get a subdomain that makes your website look less professional). What’s more, with GS you can use Google Apps only – external apps are inapplicable. Thus, if these inconveniences bother you, you’d better opt for another website builder.


With this powerful sitebuilding platform you can confidently claim your rightful place on the Internet, since uCoz-powered websites have a stunning, professional look and excellent functionality. This sitebuilder has been serving millions of users from all over the globe for seven years. Although it is primarily targeted on those who have no professional experience in sitebuilding, many skilled webmasters also opt for website builder uCoz as a fast and effective alternative to the traditional time-consuming ways of sitebuilding.

It is a perfect place to create a dynamic, noticeable web presence, as it offers the most advanced web design tools, thousands of widgets and gadgets, as well as hundreds of exquisite templates. uCoz offers both free and paid packages. It’s important to mention that it is possible to create a full-fledged website on this platform even when using their free plan.


Wix sitebuilder is a paradise for those who’re looking for the eye-catching designs, and are mostly concerned about the visual aspect of their websites. In fact, this platform works the best for musical bands, photographers, designers, and other artists. It allows them to make an unforgettable visual impression on their visitors. However, its inner functionality is somewhat limited, and thus it is not recommended for online entrepreneurs who plan to conduct complex operations online.


Surely, all these Do-It-Yourself sitebuilders are a great alternative to hiring programmers, designers, and other specialists. However, you should remember that these platforms are helpful only when you have a great business concept, unique content, and fresh approach. Your website shouldn’t be just descriptive, it should motivate your visitors become your customers!

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