Best Tax Software 2015

tax-timeEvery year people prepare to file their income tax returns with Internal Revenue Service and Local state. Manual filing taxes takes lot of effort and people often wonder about tax software that would make the work easier. Finding tax software is not hard but finding, the best that fits your needs is important. Here is an answer to your all issues, by presenting you the best tax software 2015.

Find the Best Tax Software 2015

turbo tax preparation software
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Turbo Tax – $50

Turbo Tax is one of the best software available, which is easy to use. Even the first year filer has no issues using this software. Its online tax software uses advanced technology and tax forms. You can import W-2s, 1099 forms and previous years taxes to create your return. In addition, it covers all tax situations, and small business or freelance income. It also searches 350 plus deductions including mortgage or property.

With Premier version, software covers stocks, mutual funds and bonds. In addition, it adds schedule E that covers rental property, income and other tax deductions. It automatically calculates tax on the basis of cost. Complete report is available in the form of file that could be printed or saved in the digital format. The only con it has is that price is higher for this software than its competitors. Even with such high price, it is trusted among the filers and developers continue to make it make as reliable as possible.

More informaton on Tax Act
More informaton on Tax Act

TaxACT – $20

This is online tax software, which can be used for e-filing and print your return for free. States return costs less and you only need to pay for federal return in case you require additional assistance like previous year’s tax. This tax software is available in three versions free edition, deluxe edition ($12.99), and ultimate bundle($17.99). Both free and deluxe requires you to pay for state filing while ultimate bundle gives you an option of one state and federal filling. In addition, there is downloadable and CD format for the software to allow federal return printing.

You could prepare e-file and print returns with all versions. You have email and audit support with all the versions. However, it does not provide free telephone support to its customers and unlike other software, there is no support for mobile. Good thing about this software is that you do not need knowledge on tax to prepare you returns. Software guides you through all the steps.

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H&R Block Deluxe – $30

Featured on the top three tax software on PCMAG, the H&R Block Deluxe uses an “interview” format which is sort of like being interviewed by a live tax preparer, making it much easier to complete your taxes. The navigation is simply yet effective and you can get free help from professional tax attorneys and tax preparers. Auditing support is free and most forms are supported. You receive step-by-step guidance concerning investments, major life changes (marriage, birth, etc.) and your retirement income. You can also import information from your previous year’s tax return with TurboTax.

Created with experience of 60 years in tax preparation, the company has supported around 550 million returns. Its clients receive 50 billion dollars every year as tax refund. This service supports all tax forms and offer free federal e-filing. You could create accurate returns from the comfort of your bedroom. With Block Live service, you have access to tax professional through chat, telephone, or video. There is easy access to this service through smartphone or tab.

H& R block offers tax services such as simple e-filing, self-employment declaration, and rental income. Even if you require support, company has local offices in most cities or towns with more than one hundred thousand professionals. If you require complicated return, you have to pay extra fees but it is worth it.

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TaxSlayer – $20

With over five million e-filed returns and 92% of customers receiving a refund in 2014, TaxSlayer definitely won’t disappoint. 200,000 customers are assisted yearly by the professional tax preparers and support teams working at TaxSlayer. All of TaxSlayer’s calculations are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. The interface isn’t complicated and most forms and schedules are supported. Here is what one customer had to say – “Easy to navigate, affordable, and I’ve always gotten EXCEPTIONAL customer service any time I’ve called with questions”.

It is one of the most inexpensive online tax software as it offers low-priced e-filing and other filings. It includes exceptions like free filing for active military personal. There are two versions classic ($12.95) and premium ($32.95). Classic version easily manages itemized deductions, property tax, mortgage, and childcare credits. It efficiently files 1040EZ.

Great advantage it has over other is that it checks for error during filing process and runs final check last time for error before you file. Software also summarizes what you need to add with tax return. You could chose an guidance option to guide you through income if you do not know how to enter income. With classic version, only email support is available except for military filing where you get telephone support. Premium gives all support. There is no downloadable software to install on your pc, which is probably the only con with it.

eSmart Tax – $30

Developed by Liberty Tax (a firm that has 4000 offices and has years of tax preparation experience), it’s got a modern yet simple interface, a straightforward filing process that has a help menu during the entire process just in case you need some support and the option of importing data from prior years. You can go through the filing process in an “interview” format or use the QuickNavigation tool to skip or move around the pages freely. Comes with customer satisfaction, calculation accuracy and “Biggest Refund” guarantees.

There three version, basic (free), deluxe ($9.95) and premium ($29.95). Basic version is free and can manage income credit. It can easily create an accurate 1040 returns, import prior tax from other software like TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxACT. It works with tax situations like single, married (jointly) and married (separately).

Guided interview format is also present to help you find common credits and various deductions. To get the support you will have to pay $9.95 per topic. You could also receive support through social networking sites. For extra security, company asks for account information during chat, which is often frustrating for many users. It also means without having an account you cannot receive any support from the company, even for general questions.

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TaxBrain – $20

For all the people that want a simple, affordable and quick way to do your taxes TaxBrain is just for you. Known for its simplicity, TaxBrain can handle all basic tax returns, gives you the ability to import data from previous years and provides free customer support. It starts off with a quick questionnaire to determine which forms and schedules you’ll be needing and which to eliminate to make things easier. The user interface is quite basic but has everything you need to get the job done. Also includes organizing and error checking utilities.

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Jackson Hewitt

Software is another rising player that offers both 1040s and 1040EZs. This is another online tax preparation software is available for low price than its competitor. Jackson Hewitt has their offices in more than 6,500 cities. Simple 1040s are available for free and other types are paid. For business expenses or self-employment income, e-file is available at $49.95 and for state return extra $34.95. Software is well verse in creating accurate credits, deductions and other obligations.
Importing all tax information is easy as it support most tax software. Support is easy and it is available with chat, telephone, or online options. You could also visit their office for one on one support.

Best Tax Preparation Software by Type

Best Tax Preparation Software for PC:

TaxACT Ultimate Bundle

Featured as the best tax software by and voted the best paid tax software on PCMAG, the TaxACT Ultimate Bundle is very affordable yet beats its competitors by providing the maximum IRS refund, an easy-to-use design that handles simple and complex IRS returns, the ability to bring in information from the previous year’s return (with QuickConvert), free help and support, advanced tax calculators and a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product. Very convenient for PCs.

Best Tax Software for MAC:

TurboTax Deluxe

Featured on PCMAG as one of the top tax software, it has a very user-friendly interface and easy navigation and management allowing you to efficiently complete your taxes online without any hassle. Comes with free help and support including phone support, video tutorials and much more. It provides the maximum tax deduction for your donations, helps you find every tax deduction you qualify for, and with the Audit Risk Meter you can reduce your chances of a tax audit. All calculations are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Best Online Tax Preparation Software:


Considered by many customers to be the best online tax software, featured on, ez TaxReturn has it all: a very clean and simple interface, a money-back guarantee for the biggest (or equal) possible refund compared to any other software or tax preparer, a very fast refund (30 minutes), most forms and schedules are supported and top-notch privacy. As described by one of the customers – “That was by far the easiest, quickest and most straight-forward tax return I’ve ever done”.

So if you want to get your taxes done efficiently, with 100% accurate calculations, risk-free tax returns and professional support and advice from experienced tax attorneys, whatever computer you’re on – be sure to choose one of our top tax software for 2015.