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Scanning through the old Google reader last night I came across a post at called “9 Information Design Tips to Make You a Better Web Designer” – I’m not sure if I have been sheltered, not paying attention – or if this article is just that good…but this is a definite thought changer for me.

It’s probably the least glamorous part of web design, but information design is by no means the least important. Locating and consuming information is the quintessential web task, far surpassing buying, playing and communicating, all of which include a good portion of information design themselves. How users find and then avail themselves of all that information is affected by how it is structured and presented. Thus every web designer should be equipped to make qualified and informed decisions on just how to do this.

TOM: That is a great statement – just nails the point.

He fist point is right on:

1 – Be methodical
1. Understand the Site’s Content, Processes and Purpose
2. Prioritize and Look for User Paths
3. Organize the Information

TOM: Simple – but right on.  You cannot design if you have no concept of the content and then, pay attention to how the user will navigate the site – what things do they need instant access to and what things can be more organically found.

The rest of the article is good – and hopefully you’ll read it, but one more quote:

5 – Design text that wants to be read

I’m not sure if I’m just getting older, or if spending all my time in front of a screen is just making me picky, but lately it really bugs me when I’m presented with text that doesn’t compel me to read it. The aim of a site design is usually to transmit information and most of that is written text, so focusing on displaying it well should be a priority.

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