Does Your Blog Do Justice to Your Business?

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You shouldn’t get casual or flippant about the art of blogging. A lot of people think that blogging is fairly easy, something that doesn’t need to be taken seriously. Even if the blog is part of a business website, many of those business owners seem to treat their blog as if it’s fairly inconsequential.

But your blog needs to serve your business. Blogs can be one of the greatest tools available in digital marketing and sales expansion, but you need to be ready to do it right. Don’t cut corners just because blogging seems easy. This article will guide you towards a professional and effective approach to blogging.

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Getting set up

The setup of a blog is more complex than you might assume. Yes, it can be as easy as heading over to Blogger or Tumblr and setting up a new account with not much more effort beyond entering an email address. A lot of business owners will make the mistake of doing this: that is, taking the easiest route possible, which isn’t always the best route. It means you’ll end up with a less stable blog, one that has to use one of a limited number of templates that such platforms offer. These platforms are great for personal use – but it’s not the approach your business should be taking.

You need to choose a renowned, stable, easily-manageable platform through which to develop your blog. A blog-based content management system will allow you to make a blog part of your business website, instead of creating an off-site blog to which your business website links. The most popular way to do this is to add a WordPress blog to your business site. Make sure the URL looks good, too. You don’t want a URL among the lines of You want something along the lines of www.(businessname).com/blog!

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Don’t be too insular

When it comes to the content of your website, you should make it varied. You don’t want to veer too far from your business’s course, however. I’m not saying you shouldn’t aim to entertain or spice things up with a WordPress gallery plugin. But if you run a printing company and you start blogging about Donald Trump’s wacky Twitter antics or the new Jay-Z album, then it will become pretty apparent that you’re basically just fishing for views by taking on whatever is “hot” at the moment, regardless of the topic’s actual relevance to your business. People will start to wonder if you’ve just hired a meme-obsessed teenager to run your blog.

That being said, there’s such a thing as being too insular. Yes, you should keep things relevant to your particular niche, but don’t take this so far that you only write content about your business. A lot of businesses only blog about company news that could only possible interest shareholders and, at best, a handful of their customers. Your posts should still remain informative, but they should also entertain a general audience. They should be fun to read. Keep your posts concise and rich with helpful information.


The world of blogging isn’t exactly dog-eat-dog. There are blogs out there which have millions of readers every week. Some of the blogs may even be in your particular niche. As with the business world in general, however, there’s a lot of mutual benefit in sharing information and resources. A lot bloggers are happy to help one another. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to take advantage of this. While some blog owners don’t like the idea of sharing their content with other blogs, it can actually be one of the best ways to direct more people to your blog – and, thus, increase your chances of your business getting more sales.

But the really good thing about guest blogging – and the reason it can be so great for your business beyond mere exposure – is the fact that it lends you an air of authority. This is great for business, and is something you should put a lot of focus on. If users can look to your business – and its corresponding blog – as an authoritative source of information and good products or services, then business can boom in a big way. This is another reason your blog content must be really high-quality. Something else that can increase your status here is writing an e-book which you can offer to people who subscribe to your business’s blog.



A blog is one of the best ways to attract people to your business, hands-down. It’s massively underrated by many business owners, but the stats make it pretty clear. With this in mind, it seems that you should always look to make your blog bigger in terms of content, viewership, and impact. The more readers your blog has, the more eyes are going to be on your services or products. This drives sales. So how exactly do you grow your blog? All of the things we’ve mentioned previously will help when it comes to expanding your blog’s readership. But, at some point, you’ll need to keep up with the demand of a growing audience. You might need to look into outsourcing content creation.

It’s true that you could hire more employees to create content in-house. If you have the resources to do this, then that could work. But when it comes to content creation, it may be best to outsource it or look into getting remote contract work. After all, hiring new full-time employees is expensive, and it also requires location-dependence. Sometimes, the best content creators for your business aren’t even in the same country as you! Getting outsourced content idea generation, analytics, and SEO will help grow your blog while leaving your resources free for other business tasks.

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Another thing to remember is that your website needs to be prepared to handle more visitors. If your blog attracts thousands of more users to your website every month, you may run into trouble if you originally signed up for a domain with limited visitor bandwidth. You could start seeing website crashes! Make sure your blog actually has room to grow by considering the scalability of your website before making any drastic additions!