Building A Brand For Your Ecommerce Company In 2016

Today, we’re going to examine the importance of a business brand and how to build brand recognition. What is a business brand?A brand is how customers and the general public recognizes your company. It can be strengthened by your business design, your promotional campaign or even your customer support. Establishing brand recognition is the best way to ensure your business has a base of customers who you can count on. It’s particularly important an E-commerce business has brand recognition. There is so much competition online that without brand recognition you’re going to get be lost in the shuffle of other companies. Essentially you need to make sure your company stands out and makes a mark on the mindset of the consumer.

To do this, we first need to think about the basic tools an online e-commerce should be using. These are, a fully operational website, a blog and a large social network. While these are the basics of an e-commerce business, that’s not all you should be doing. There are also ways to build an online brand offline, and we’re going to get into that a little further down. But for now, let’s start off by examining the importance of your site.

Establishing A Brand On Your Website


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To establish a brand on your website, you first need to think about the basic design. If you’re a B2B business, it should look professional and tidy. You don’t need to worry too much about flair and artistic impression. Your main focus should be on making sure that it looks professional. On the other hand, if you are appealing to general customers, you may want to have a little more fun with your design. Add some colour, moving parts and anything that makes your site a little more interesting. This could get customers to want to visit your site more than once. It might even get them to bookmark it as a regular source for them online.

You will also need to consider the content on your site. As you can see on my blog, I’ve adopted quite a friendly style of writing. This isn’t just an informative blog; there’s a little fun added into the mix. I hope that’s apparent by the picture I’ve chosen and other attributes. Even my style of writing isn’t totally informative. You should think about choosing a particular style for your site as well. This is going to help customers establish a brand for your business. And, don’t forget that poor quality content only damages your brand, it will never add to it.

Included in style and content are other bits and bobs like images and videos. It’s up to you how many images and videos you add to your site. But do bare in mind that while this makes a site interesting it also makes it look a little jumbled and messy. You might be best saving a lot of these for your blog. That way, you can keep your site clean and clear. Have a look at to set up a business blog.

Now, comes the tricky part to think about and that’s marketing. How much marketing do you want displayed on your site and how subtle should it be? You should be particularly careful of how many ads you allow to plague your site. I recently visited an informative blog that was running 90 ads on one page. If I hadn’t been using an ad blocker, it would have made comprehensive viewing impossible. As I said, you do need to be careful because more people are using ad blockers these days.

Establishing A Brand Offline


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We’ll go back online in a moment. For now, I want to think about how offline marketing techniques can help you establish a brand and ties back to online promotion. You may be under the impression that offline promotion is dead and fairly useless for an online company. Oh, how wrong you are. Offline promotion isn’t dead, it’s evolved, and the fact is that are certain forms of promotion that only work in the real world. One example is the concept of event marketing. Event marketing allows to gain the interest of customers, the media and investors all at the same time. If you hold an event for your business, you can use a promotional campaign to get the word out. Have a look at for possibilities on organizing event marketing.

You can connect this type of promotion with online marketing by using social networks to announce it. Then, you may get the attention of the media and have stories of your business event written by other people online. If you continue to boost your social media presence, this story could go viral. At that point, you’re going to have millions more people interested in your company. Not only that, they’ll have an idea of what your business is and what it offers. That idea is the seed of brand recognition.

You may say that you can get the same effect by writing powerful content online. It’s true, online written content from a marketing agency can go viral. But it’s far more likely to occur if the content has a story behind it. This story should have a basis in reality. This site has great tips for making content go viral.

That’s not the only way you can use offline marketing to boost your online campaign either. At these events you might have people handing out fliers or business cards. These types of products should have links back to your online promotion. They should have a twitter handle, a Facebook page or a Snapchat. If you don’t make the most of these possibilities you’re wasting a lot of resources that could boost your business.

Back Online With Social Media


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I’ve already mentioned how you can use social media to build a brand for your business with offline marketing. Now, let’s examine how social media can be a force separate to anything else. In fact, I would argue that social media is one of the best tools a business can use for promotion. It’s free, it’s potential is endless and it’s easy to set up and establish. To use social media effectively, you should have opened all available channels. It’s not enough just to be active on Twitter, you also need to make sure that you have an active Facebook page and Instagram. If you regularly update these with fresh interesting information you will engage customers. Every piece of information you give them, adds to their image of your brand.

As well as this, it’s important to keep an eye on trends in social media. What are the biggest social media trends this year. For starters, we’re going to see increased interest and popularity of social media buy buttons. Rather than going to your site, customers will be able to purchase products straight from your feeds. You can expect this to become a prominent way people buy in 2016. As well as this, you should be incorporating more live marketing promotion material. You’re going to see a lot more businesses using live feeds to promote products and services. Remember, it’s these type of marketing concepts that show the people behind the companies. That concept alone makes businesses more attractive to consumers and clients. Try these tips for other ways to connect with consumers.

Lastly, be aware of the importance of sharing. Social media is your biggest weapon because of the power it gives you to get your information shared. But this is only going to happen if you make the content appealing. Pictures and videos are important. The most shared pieces of information in 2016 were pics and vids. You can expect this trend to continue. And, remember to hashtag. Hashtags statistically increase your chance of shares. An annoying yet true fact. What other tools can you use to help establish your business brand online?

A Picture For The Profile


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If you look at the most successful brands in the world, you’ll realize that they all have one thing in common. They have a name or logo that people recognize. Now, you can view this as a chicken or egg scenario. In other words, does a cool logo make the brand or does a logo become cool after the brand reaches a level of success? There are arguments on both sides of the table here. For instance, Sony doesn’t really have a logo at all, it has a name. Is it a particularly interesting name? Not really, but that hasn’t stopped Sony reaching a massive level of success. On the other hand, there’s Apple. That company has a particularly memorable and prominent logo. Would the company have achieved success without it? Most definitely, yes. That said, having a logo won’t do your brand any harm and will benefit it even if the effect is minimal.

Just from a psychological point of view the human brain is better at remembering images than names. So, if your business is attending a trade show investors are more likely to remember a logo rather than a word. Remember, if you do get a logo get it trademarked so that no one can copycat it. Look at this, for more info on trademark law.

I think these are the main ways you can build a business brand for your company. If you do, I guarantee there will always be a place for your company on the world market.