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When I talk to fellow bloggers about onpage optimization, they’re usually aware of the importance of keywords and page titles. Of course, simply being aware of the how-to doesn’t necessarily equate to doing it efficiently, and so we tend to see keyword-stuffed articles with bolded headers and too long page titles. There’s a tendency amongst beginners to go completely overboard with their SEO, and I will readily admit that I was one of those beginners.

My very first SEO project, I went to and bought something along the lines of 2,000 low-PR (pagerank) backlinks. The vast majority of these “backlinks” were spread across forum profiles on .Ru websites completely irrelevant to my own, and in the end my website wasn’t even on the radar. In the end I came pretty close to getting myself penalized by Google, as a quick look at my analytics report showed the evidence of my blunder.

Learn from the Mistakes of Others

Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and if I could go back, I would’ve built my own backlinks the legitimate way – through networking and article syndication. It would’ve taken more time, and maybe I would’ve needed to outsource most of the article writing, but instead I was forced to abandon ship and start over again because I tried taking an unethical shortcut. Rather than make this mistake on your own projects, learn the lesson from me instead.

Sabotaging my own project was an early learning experience for me, and since then I’ve stuck to traffic building the smart way. It’s actually far easier to traffic build legitimately because then you can actually target your audience instead of hoping to get Google traffic. When it comes down to it, you’ll need to decide whether or not your niche will actually benefit from SEO, because some niches are so small that you can rely on backlink traffic more so than from searches. Whichever route you choose for your blog, I do have some tips for you to follow.

  • Perform keyword research – While some figure they can just toss “buy used cars” into an article and start ranking for used cars, the process of keyword research needs to be approached from an almost anthropological point of view. How exactly do people phrase their Google searches for your niche? Don’t forget that some people ask Google a question, like “where can I buy used cars?”, instead of searching by keywords.
  • H2 your headers – Google likes H2 tags, because formatting is really important.  From a traffic building point of view this attention to details can’t be skipped.  Don’t simply bold the sub-headlines, it looks better as an H2 headline, and Google will count H1 – H6 headers towards your SEO.
  • Never purchase backlinks – Not simply for ethical reasons, but also because Google has really cracked down on link farms and “unnatural” links. Lots of backlinks from low-ranking pages could actually hurt your results, or even get you penalized and removed from Google altogether. Play it safe and build your presence naturally.
  • Take advantage of social media – Whether or not you see the bottom-line benefits of having a wide network of friends, you should take advantage of the word-of-mouth advertising that social media offers. Self-promotion has never been easier, because these days it is as simple as inviting people to like your page and then feeding them interesting updates with a promo thrown in here and there. The keyword here is keeping those updates interesting, relevant, and engaging. The more often your followers share your updates the better the reach of your social media efforts.

Search Engine Optimization Equals Increased Traffic, Organically

As you can see, traffic building and SEO go hand in hand, not just because SEO increases your
page rank but because Google has programmed their crawlers to essentially think like a human when browsing sites. Things that are aesthetically pleasing to the human eye, like proper formatting and H2 headers, are equally pleasing to Google, so when doing on-page optimization try to focus on the human aspect instead of strictly for crawlers. If done right, you should begin to see measurable traffic results and who knows, you might be able to afford some Ferrari watches, Ferrari hat or any other expensive brand name luxury item you’ve been eyeballing.

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