Business Phones: One Sneaky Trick That Will Save You A Fortune

Business phones are highly common in modern life. Most companies will offer their employees a phone as a bit of a perk on the job. Well, it seems like a perk, but really you should only use the phone for business use. The chances are all your employees already have their own phones, and they’re probably high-tech smartphones. But, with business phones, you give them business numbers, which look more professional.

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The problem with this approach is that it obviously leads to high overheads what with all the phone contracts. I mean, even if you operate a solo business, you’ll be paying for two phones; business and personal. Consequently, if you can figure out how to lower these costs, then it benefits you massively.

The Perfect Solution For Business Phones

As it happens, I believe I’ve come up with the perfect solution to your business phone woes. With my idea, you can save a fortune, but still, have the benefits that come with a business phone. It’s so simple; you buy cheap, basic phones, instead of smartphones.

Now, hear me out. You’ve definitely already got a smartphone, and so do all your employees, so why get another one? It’s a needless expense as you can use all the fancy features on your personal phone if you need them for work. Your business phone is purely there to act as a communication method between you and your clients. If you click here, you will see a very standard cell phone that’s mainly aimed towards seniors. This type of phone is perfect for businesses on a budget. It has everything you need; the ability to make/receive calls, voicemail, speed dial, enhanced volume so you can hear people clearer, a massive battery, and internet access. Any other cell phone features simply aren’t essential. You can pick up a handful of these phones for less than it costs to buy one high-end smartphone for your business.

How Much Can You Save?

It’s impossible to give accurate figures here because different people will spend different amounts of money on their business phones. For examples, a solo business person won’t spend as much as someone with ten employees.

But, we can take a look at some of the rough estimates per phone. On the one hand, we have very basic ‘brick’ phones that are around $80. On the other hand, you have some top smartphones for business use, which are around $800. You will save hundreds of dollars if you buy the handsets on their own. That’s not even taking into account the monthly tariffs, which can be half as expensive on the lesser phones. These savings alone can help you get out of debt!

My whole point is that a fancy phone isn’t necessary if you need a business phone. You’ve already got a fancy one for personal use, so why bother getting another. It’s a needless expense, and this one trick can save you loads of money. Some may argue that no business phone at all will save even more cash. However, I think a business phone is good as you can set it up with a professional number, which adds to your reputation. Plus, you keep personal, and business contacts separate, which will benefit you. So, finding a cheaper, more basic phone is the best option.