Pretty Social Networks

MySpace was THE social network that started much of the Web 2.0 social hype. This is a great quote from the mashable site “If you asked most MySpace-haters what’s their problem with the service, they’d probably say: it’s ugly. Meanwhile, people tell us they are switching from Twitter to Pownce because it’s prettier and easier to use. For those who prize beauty above all else, we brought together 10 of the prettiest social networks.”

So take a look and see what you think.


Wow – have I fallen behind – I took a look at my “blog topics” folder in outlook and it is so big I figured I have to resort to the data dump.

I will try to group these into like groups, but if I don’t purge my folder…I’m history! So here we go:

News/Aggregator Type Stuff – This is a cool little site which just pulls feeds from all the “cool” sites.

Online Apps & Articles about Aps

Twitter Is A Publication – This is just what is says – an article describing how the author thinks twitter is not an app, but a pub.
Imagination Cubed – This is only interesting to me because of the source…GE. Now they are innovative.
Grand Central – I heard a great quote on a podcast about this site (it is a very cool application that “finds” you when some calls) that said: “this may be one of the coolest applications of today – if you can get by the privacy barriers you need to break to use it.”
Online Maps: 50+ Tools and Resources – It’s about “Online Maps” :) – This site has figured out a way to help you syndicate your news and also promises to help you make money doing it. – This is a very handy concept. – This is one of those sites you go to and close after you’ve been using it for 2 hours. Great concepts of mashup and innovative thinking.
Girl Sense – I just love the idea that there are site targeting girls. This (Girl focused Sites) is a huge opportunity on the web.

Interesting Articles

Impact of Facebook as a platform – This is a good article explaining how interesting Facebook has become.
Zoho v. Microsoft v. Google – Online Office Apps – This is part inspirational and part informational. See how the little guy cam compete with the BIG dogs.
Usability Heuristics – Interesting article on User Interface.
What’s after Social Networking – I may have commented about this before – but this is a great retrospect and look at a proposed future.
Google v. World – “Google is the 600-pound gorilla: the company that no one wants to see build a competing product. “

Innovation, Tom Green and Beer

As we hear more about IPTV we see new and exciting things popping up on the internet.

My current favorite is Tom Green – this is the “new” Tom Green, not the guy that used to scare me on MTV. This is very cool, and in my opinion, very innovative. Tom is doing this from his REAL living room – he has converted it and uses about 5-7 cameras.

There is also a bunch of the old “techTV” guys who have started up IPTV or internet broadcast stuff. (Revision3, Chris Pirillo and Leo Laportte/Twit)


And the best part – these guys are already making money.  Tom Green has Bud Light as a sponsor.


If you have other favorites – please let me know.


I had a great conversation with my 6 year old son Kale this weekend. I don’t remember what we were talking about but he said “That’s impossible Dad”. My heart sunk, that is the last thing I want going through this kids mind.

So I went into 5 minute tirade about how in the year 1905 if you told someone that a person in Iowa could look at a small box a see a person in New York City – I’m sure a lot of “impossibles” would be thrown around.

And that goes for our innovation efforts too – I’m sure when people hear of the plans for The Gazette to innovate there will be more than one “impossible” – but it is not. We must have a five minute tirade and then go forward with our business at hand.

Moving from Web 1.0 to 2.0 in 12 easy steps.

I found a link to this article on Digg and found it funny. And even though this is done as a bit of a comedy – we can take a real look and apply some of this stuff.

What it does do – it tell you what the “buzz” words are and focuses on the things which “appear” to be important. Also – check out the comments at the bottom, this is why many people are choosing to disable comments.