Top 25 sites – sometimes cool :)

It’s a love/hate relationship. These top (insert random number here) sites list can get out of control. Sometimes it looks like these websites are saying “Hey, look at me, we know what is cool. Let us prove it by tell you the coolest sites we know about.” Sometimes you want to say, if you know about it – it’s probably not cool anymore.

So – then there is the love part, I’m not sure if I’m trying to validate that I know what I’m talking about – or what. But this is an article from MSN/PC World that shows us the top 25. Highlights:
Yahoo Pipes
Like Popfly, Yahoo Pipes lets you create your own mashups or “pipes.” As with Popfly, you drag and drop prebuilt modules, and then create connections between them. But Yahoo Pipes is much harder to use than Popfly, and the way to go about building your own mashup isn’t always obvious. But if you’re willing to do some digging and learning, you can build very useful stuff, such as a mashup that uses Yahoo maps to show the locations of all apartments for rent in a certain neighborhood.

The Web is just as chaotic as the world–but Pageflakes can organize both of them for you. This super-customizable version of a home page enables you to pick the news and information feeds you want to read, and to specify the “flakes,” or applets, you want to include. Flakes let you add all sorts of cool stuff to your page–movie times, to-do lists, a notepad, e-mail, a horoscope–even sudoku or a personal blog. If you’re looking for one-stop browsing, this is it.

If you’re an information hound, you probably spend lots of time jumping from Digg to to YouTube to Fark to Google News to anything-dot-com. With PopURLs, you no longer need to waste time hopping around the Internet. An aggregator of all things informative, PopURLs features massive lists of headlines, videos, blogs, and content from all of those sites, as well as plenty of others. One nice bonus is that you can search some of the sites–, Flickr, and Wikipedia, among others–straight from PopURLs. It’s also easy to tweak the way PopURLs looks and works, too, including customizing the layout of the feeds so you can put the ones you view most regularly on top. The scrapbook is a particularly useful feature; just click the ‘Add to Scrapbook’ button next to any headline, and PopURLs will save it (and up to 19 other favorite items).

Microsoft and Digg team up to sell ads

This is interesting, because when you think of online advertising – Microsoft is not usually the top of mind answer. For me, Google would be number one. But Digg (as the article states) has 17 million unique visitors a month…WOW!

Digg Inc. and Microsoft Corp. today announced an agreement in which the two companies will collaborate to bring relevant advertising to the more than 17 million unique monthly visitors to Digg, an innovative Web site that harnesses the collective wisdom of the world’s online audience to prioritize the overwhelming amount of content available on the Web. Microsoft’s advanced advertising technology and sales force combined with Digg’s unique and growing user community make possible the three-year collaboration, grounded in the companies’ commitment to technological innovation and user experience.”

Google plans for something cool & wireless – $4.6 Billion

OK, this could be very interesting – and is so relevant for us because of KCRG and the move to HD.

The speculation is over about whether Google is interested in directly participating in the wireless world. On Friday, the Mountain View, California-based company said it would participate as a bidder in the upcoming federal auction of wireless spectrum in the 700-MHz band — to the tune of at least $4.6 billion.

Basically – this could mean Google could offer up free internet for all on the 700 MHz band and this could open up a whole new world…literally.

Designing for Web 2.0

OK – we have to have a Web 2.0 site. “Now What Do We Do?!”

Enter enter – advice on managing and building websites.

This is an interesting site and seems to have a good bit of information on it. I like the idea that there is a podcast and the text on the site. It seems sometimes people do one of many different options – but doing two of many (text and podcast) seems like an interesting model.

I really like the links at the bottom of the page. Without hearing the podcast yet – I assume it is links from the show. Good Stuff!

eBay deals are getting weak.

So – I need a new cordless telephone…and let me tell you – I am a cheapskate when it comes to consumer electronics. My old unit got a bit too much of last week’s lightning.

So I head off and find a model I like – the Uniden TRU9280-4 (the “-4” stands for 4 handsets; “-3” is three and so on.) So I put the search into eBay and find 3 main “auctions” and 20+ hits in the eBay stores section.

But instantly I’m a little miffed – because all 3 of these so called auctions are “Buy it Now” – OK, I love the concept of buy it now…but it was not meant to be used as a fix price auction – that is what the eBay stores are for. So I decide to look over at Amazon – and boom, for almost the same money I can get a brand new model with free shipping.

It just compliments what I have been saying for a while about eBay – the deals are getting harder and harder to find. I still think you can find some stuff there, but it takes more work and more work is not what the consumer is looking for.

This could be a major thing that drives traffic back to the local retailers. With innovations like we saw at the Web 2.0 conference – where intuit is teaming up with and acquiring companies who can take the inventory people are entering into Quickbooks and displaying it online…hyper local is becoming more of a reality. If I can log onto a local retailer’s site and see exactly what they have, now that is information I can use.