Long Tail – the movie

This is a sarcasm piece put out on YouTube which pokes fun at big media. The clip: Day of the Long Tail. My favorite part is the last quote “The audience is up to something.” That just sums it up perfectly.

This is very similar to the epic 2015 piece which was put out a few years ago – talking about the future of the internet and has a big focus on newspapers.

What Is Web 2.0

This is a great little article explaining Web 2.0. O’Reilly put it out and it even has links to the conference we attended.

My favorite part is in the middle where it tells you in Web 1.0 the big dog was doubleclick, but in Web 2.0 it is Google Ad Sense. It goes down a large list and has it pretty well covered.

Startups to watch

OK – there are so many lists like this, it is nauseating sometimes. But what I like about this one is one of the details they have the company give us, business model. This is cool – now we can look at the different type of businesses and what they think that can make money from.

Here is the link to the CNN/Business 2.0 article.

Web 2.0 with IT

So the the GFOC Web 2.0 group gave our Web 2.0 presentation to our IT department at their monthly meeting. It was a little rough around the edges, we will have to polish back up and then see if we can do a few more of them.

It is always so interesting to hear the different comments and feel the vibe of the group. It was cool to hear the IT geeks asking a lot of questions about ROI and how we think “Web 2.0” can make money.

I found this article/website which address some of that this morning, it is called Measuring Web 2.0: How to Promote the Features That Get the Best ROI. It doesn’t address the exact question the IT geeks had about how to sell it – but it addresses how you know what really impacts blogs, wikis, widgets and user-generated content you have.

The "tomaltman" blog is alive

This as been a project I have been interesting in doing for sometime now, but just never was able to get started. With my “new” duties in innovation – it became the perfect time for me to kick start the blog.

The Goal:
To research the web and web-based technologies – then report the finding to this blog for interest parties to read and comment on.

You will notice I am trying to be “web 2.0” with the blog and will include tagging with these post for people to sort and find different areas of information.

One of my favorite parts of the site is the option of RSS. This allows you to get notifications within Outlook by adding a feed. If you are unsure of how to do that – Take a look at the CommonCraft guy’s video.

Please use the comments section and we will all learn as we go.