Options for Using AR Applications in Business

What is an AR app? Just remember these thousands of photos with dog ears and noses in social networks. This effect is AR technology.

AR applications provide digital objects which are reflected on smartphone screens or on screens of wearable devices, complementing the real world with new information. And this information can be as various as possible – gaming, educational, commercial.

With the development of technologies, Augmented Reality will become a substantial part of our daily life. Now more and more data are being created and accumulated, and Augmented Reality App Development will serve as a bridge for access to a huge amount of information. And Augmented Reality will be integrated so deeply that it will be perceived intuitively. The term “Augmented Reality” itself, perhaps, will cease to be used, and digital data will be considered a part of reality. The main thing is that the augmented reality enables us to a new level of interaction with the digital world without having to abandon the habitual environment, and completely immerse ourselves in virtuality.

What platforms are supported by Augmented Reality

Today, most of software giants offer AR platforms. Here is a list of the main development platforms:

ARKit from Apple

The platform from the Cupertino-based enterprise allows to create augmented reality apps for iOS devices. It supports such AR engines as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Scenekit. It allows the iPhone camera to interact with real objects. The technology was already adopted by Peter Jackson’s studio. Using Unreal Engine and ARKit, its team has created a game with fighting ships capable to fire at the city on a real table.

Google ARCore

When considering Google Tango technology, everyone can see that it offers, in fact, the same, as ARKit: tracking of the movement, fixing of an object on the Android gadget screen and projection of the image on a table to view it from different angles.

Camera Effects Platform by Facebook

It is a set of effects which expands possibilities of photos and videos. However, unlike similar effects in Snapchat, the technology here enables to distinguish not only persons, but also other objects – clothes, jewelry, cars, food, landscapes. So that the companies have new prospects in creation of advertising posts.

How do AR-applications help to increase sales?

The hype around Pokemon hunting with smartphones has shown how the huge audience an engaged audience can be. Development of AR-applications is a promising direction, and the commercial boom of use of technology hasn’t come yet.

AR-applications can be a technological power that creates the competitive advantage for a company. It provides new, fascinating experience for users leaving no one indifferent.

How can AR be used?

Even now, it is possible to see synthesis real and virtual worlds when using augmented Reality glasses, such as Google Glass, Epson Moverio, or Toshiba Glass. These are opportunities for developers of educational applications, games, and various services. The range of use of AR technology for both Augmented Reality glasses and for smartphones is very wide.

Augmented Reality Games

Augmented reality offers users new options they surely want to try. We mentioned the most striking example above – the game Pokémon GO that has won millions of fans worldwide.

AR Apps for self-Instruction

AR devices enable users to get the necessary information about an object using only the camera. So, for example, Google Translate helps understand various inscriptions on billboards, signs, documents using AR. The translation appears on the gadget screen at once. Museums, shops, airports and any other places of interest can use AR in a similar way.

AR navigation

There are companies for example, Navion offering car owners absolutely new driving experience using special devices that project tagged maps and instructions onto the windshield of a car. There are also Augmented Reality-based navigation services for smartphones.

Interactive sales in stores

Wearable devices and special software help buyers to better consider the product and see how it will look in the interior. This approach is offered, for example, by Ikea who provide their catalogs with an AR app that enable to see any item on the smartphone screen as a part of the room furniture or decorations.


Even more useful application of AR technology can be found in the field of health, especially in the treatment of phobias or personality disorders. Imagine a person with phobia (fear of snakes), who undergoes exposure therapy (gradual increase in the impact level of the of the object that causes fear, from the sheet with the written word to the actual interaction with the object). Thus, at a certain stage of treatment, patients can use an application that displays a snake near them to inform of the desired level of exposure.

Travel and advertising

When traveling, it can be very convenient to know at once which building is in front of you or to find interesting places nearby. The same principle can be applied for advertising: the user sees offers and information about store discounts, simply pointing smartphone camera on the shopping center’s hall.


Everyone has probably heard about Pokémon GO and MSQRD. Both use Augmented Reality technology for rich user experience. In the game Pokémon GO users can see creatures in front of them, which do not exist in reality. A successful start-up MSQRD from Belarus allows users to try on various masks adjusting them to facial expressions and emotions. These applications have millions of fans, so we can say that Augmented Reality can make a product with an outstanding user experience. Similar AR applications can be used for children giving them joy of playing with revived pictures,books or etc.

The development of expanded reality provides an attractive experience for users and new opportunities for companies that are keen to keep up with the times, offering cutting-edge solutions. AR technologies have a great future, their massive use is not far off, and it’s important not to miss the moment when you can still be one of the first who created a new application using Augmented Reality technology that can increase sales for your business.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes

There are many mistakes that are made by many of the officials in the field of marketing in the beginnings, which are considered catastrophic errors especially if the company is a digital marketing and that need to focus on this errors and correct understanding of them, and some of them lead to a low ranking of the site in the search engines and can lead to Google’s penalty the site and will mention some of the answers related to this area such as “Why the advertising campaign failed – why marketing failed – Why did not we make the profits required?” These mistakes can occur within any Ecommerce Development Egypt so we will clarify some of them and not all mistakes.

Lack of good analysis

One of the most important elements in the success of any marketing plan is the good analysis and accurate knowledge of many elements such as market, competitor, prices, country culture, product and service required to achieve the goals of your project. The most important thing is you, yes you should know who you are very accurate and identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We mean that knowing yourself is to determine the vision and objectives of the company and its mission and the reason for its existence and others.

Lack of good knowledge of customers

Some companies sometimes forget the importance of knowing and identifying the target customers, and sometimes they study and know customers as simple. Rather, it is necessary to Know and identify the target and potential customers of the company as if they are the owners of the company and it is necessary to map the customers in each area including (their needs, Their purchasing incentives, the standard of living, etc.), the lack of good knowledge of the target customers are already leading to failure of marketing as a whole, not just e-marketing

Implementation without planning

Sometimes the marketing team is exposed. This happens very often in many small and medium-sized companies such as any digital marketing company in Egypt. They are subjected to tremendous pressures, which often cause disorder and disorganization, resulting in great damage to good and effective planning. There is great damage in the marketing process of the company, and here highlights the importance of planning in that it is considered a crucial process, taking a step forward needs to be insightful, and implementation according to this vision means saving a lot of time and money.


One of the common mistakes made by many marketers in some companies is the taking of content or description of certain sites or other pages and then placed within this site as the owner of this subject, and this leads to catastrophic consequences of the site may lead to punishing him from the search engines, The search engines unanimously and especially Google always prefer the content unique and exclusive and non-replicated, and there are some tools and sites, whether free or paid, which can determine whether the content is copied from another reality or not.

Lack of interest in the media

Media (such as videos, pictures, GIF) are better, faster and more attractive to attract customers’ attention, as they say (image is better than 1000 words). Lack of interest in media is the biggest mistake among marketers because they do not remember that the image or video component the content does not care about the details of the media. Also, there is a psychology of colors and colors used for all products. It is one of the elements of the brand.

Ignoring the views and ambitions of the client

The customer is the basis of the success and development of the company, so attention him is necessary for the continuation of the company, often occurs in some companies, including digital marketing companies that they provide excellent content and service, but they ignore the views and desires and ambitions of the client and sometimes attack the client, Where the owners of the business, in the beginning, are interested in sales only and marketing for direct sales without attention to the views of customers, although it explains many mistakes and weaknesses of planning, especially in the field of Ecommerce website design agency, which must be interested in the company to avoid alienating customers.

Be annoying

One of the most important tools in marketing, especially e-marketing in Egypt is advertising, including sending text messages or emails randomly to non-people interested in your domain is a loss of time and effort, so it is best to send to the public potential with a call to action and you can send a special offer within these Messages for these, so expect a conversion rate CTR and sales very high, with a list of 1000 emails interested is more effective than one million random email and consider you as spam, which affects the site negatively.

Lack of optimal use of updates

Some digital marketing companies cannot keep pace with developments in the technology world such as the use of VR, bots, AMP and search engine updates, especially mobile. Other updates, which are considered a terrible development in the world of e-marketing, the lack of technological development and the recognition of a kind of luxury is leading the company’s exit from the competition. Development and modernization are the spirits of the times and the main factor in the development of companies.

Don’t test and don’t learn

Digital marketing is a matter of testing and trying, starting with the foundations of analysis and analysis of customer behavior. It is a continuous test that helps you choose between options. A common mistake is to believe that the test is only one time. The loyalty develops with technology.

Do not use data and do not check your success

With the spread of artificial intelligence, the customer became in constant contact both at home and abroad, which in turn provides you with a huge amount of data and information about customer habits and purchasing behaviors. In addition to data on markets and competitors, data is readily available in your hands. This is one of the common mistakes is not to use them enough, also do not put a measure of work, do not think that the completion of the preparation of the plan and implementation, you are finished, but you must measure the success of your plan you do not know the efficiency and success of the marketing plan only through (KPI) to learn from your mistakes.

Technologies of augmented reality in business

Augmented Reality technology captures imagination. But we perceive AR, rather, as an entertaining component of life.

Gaming applications, of course, are the biggest and most interested directions for investments. But tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook see the opportunities in augmented and virtual reality technologies providing resources for improvement of AR/VR engines and development tools to help other industries integrate AR and VR into their solutions.

To start working with AR technology in any industry, businesses need three mandatory components:

  • mobile device (smartphone, tablet) with built-in video camera;
  • specially developed application containing virtual information;
  • mark, GPS coordinates, or marker (a real object, its part or a printed image), which activates a 3D model, a video or sounds on smartphone display or in special glasses.

Augmented reality for business:

Object Display

To see an AR object, you need to point the camera at the marker, and the image will appear on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Augmented reality can be formed not only on the basis of the image, but also include, for example, the compass, gyro, 3D-models – without this it is impossible to create a three-dimensional object visible from different angles.


Augmented Reality allows to immerse presentations anywhere, show how the object will look from all sides and even make the perception of the object interactive. You only need a program (application), a display with a camera and a marker printed on a sheet. When you point the camera at the printout, an object appears on the screen. However, for the full effect of the presence of viewers will need special glasses or a helmet.


Medical diagnosis is more comprehensible with the increased level of visualization. In this case, the AR-technology uses the data of high-precision diagnostic devices, such as MRI, computed tomography, ultrasound diagnostics, X-ray, etc. They are the basis for Augmented Reality models, and markers are certain organs or points. An image of the patient’s internal organs appears on the doctor’s monitor.


For this area, AR technology is a universal tool. There are certain practices of classes in a virtual laboratory as well as applications that create the effect of being present on a real operation in a remote operating theater or on the battlefield in the distant past. Japanese publishing house Tokyo Shoseki prepared a special AR-textbook of English. It has built-in cameras that project animated characters onto pages.

Architectural visualization

A demonstration of a constructed object from any viewpoint and from within. To do this, you need special markers in the building. Pointing with a smartphone camera, you can get a variety of images, and with the help of simple manipulations on the display you can expand the object at any angle, see the internal device or disassemble the building floor-by-floor.

If you already have an idea how you can grow your business with Augmented Reality, Invisible Toys team is ready to estimate your project and offer your services to develop an AR app based on your vision.

Securing Healthcare Data

In 2017, there were more than 340 data breaches reported according to the breach tool of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Increasingly, the healthcare industry becomes an easy target for hackers due to the significant value of patient data.

There are different causes of data breaches in healthcare that could be a critical factor in data breaches – hacking, misuse, human error and physical theft…to name a few.

Every health organizations must pay attention to those causes to further gain knowledge on how they will combat cyber attacks. Cyber criminals’ interest in healthcare data has been increasing due to sensitive and personal information from patients they could use to conduct crime. They could use a patient’s information, for example, to make a fake ID to use in buying drugs to be resold, this type of cyber crime is called identity theft.

So, how do you secure your patient’s data despite the internet threats posed by cyber criminals today?

Effective Ways to Secure Healthcare Data

Medical data is not perishable so it’s more valuable than financial data. However, cyber criminals highly target biotech and pharmaceutical intellectual data nowadays. So if you’re in the healthcare industry, particularly keeping these kinds of data, make sure to double your security controls.

Here are some proven ways to secure your healthcare data:

  • Identify sensitive information that needs utmost security. In order to secure your patient’s data, it’s important to consider automated data discovery of sensitive information. Usually, this is offered by security providers. It scans the network and identifies database servers and services that contain any sensitive information.
  • Monitor and assess database to find out vulnerabilities and mis-configuration. For healthcare organizations, it’s crucial to scan databases for potential weaknesses and risks to healthcare data. Once they are pinpointed, organizations can easily identify remediation strategies to prevent cyber-security threats.
  • Check data usage regularly to monitor data access activities. Monitoring and auditing data usage activities is important such as applications and privileged user’s activity. In addition, it helps detect and alert your IT team when there’s an unauthorized access in your database. With regular monitoring, you can also determine what appropriate actions to take to block suspicious access.
  • Identify users that may pose threat to the database system. Some data security services provide machine learning in order to automatically reveal unusual data activities. It instantly profiles data and user activity to set up a baseline. Activities that will deviate from the baseline is automatically identified as threat to prevent a cyber-security attack.
  • HIPAA compliance, or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Compliance guarantees patients’ that their sensitive and personal information are well secured. HIPAA established an industry-wide standards in which all electronic health care transactions must be kept confidential, it also limits every healthcare providers to use or disclose patients’ data information for any type of use unrelated in providing healthcare. Complying to HIPAA should be a priority for every health organization to prevent facing penalties once a data breach occurs, coordinating with companies that offers excellent HIPAA compliance course will greatly result to a solid knowledge about how HIPAA works.
  • Keep sensitive data unexposed and provide layered security to stop hackers from accessing any healthcare information. Masking all your sensitive data can help reduce data breach risks. It’s also a standard measure in complying with data privacy regulations. Integrate bespoke data transformers in your system and maintain data usage without exposing any sensitive details like electronic medical records and electronic health records.

The costs and risks in healthcare data cyber-security breaches are significantly high. Healthcare organizations must also invest in protecting healthcare data to fight and prevent cyber attacks. With how fast the internet changes even in every second, you must be vigilant to every kinds of threats. Always make sure that your database is safe and secure from hackers and fraudsters that may cost you millions of dollars.

How To Know When Its Time To Take On Your First Employee

If you want to build your business up into something big then, at some point, you will need to take on an employee and, eventually, probably more than one. It just isn’t practical to try to do it all yourself and still give yourself time to enjoy the results of your work. However, knowing just when the time is right to employ someone for the first time can be difficult, and many business owners are worried about getting it right. The following signs are useful ways to work out whether your business is ready to employ someone or not.

You’re Using Contractors

In some businesses, it makes a lot of sense to hire contractors and freelance workers from time to time. Doing so keeps your costs down because you don’t have to hire someone full time, plus it ensures that the work is still done to a high standard and on time. If, however, you find that you are using these outside sources more and more, perhaps even on an almost full-time basis, and you’re paying them the same or more than you would an employee, then it may well be worth considering hiring someone permanently. If you employ someone, then they won’t ever be too busy to help you as freelancers sometimes are, and they will have your business’s best interests at heart because their loyalties won’t be torn in many different directions.


Up until now, you might have been doing all the work by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you will have enjoyed every aspect of running your business. If there are tasks that you really dislike or that you always put off until the last moment because you find them boring, then it might be time to hire someone to do that work for you. Delegation through hiring can be a worrying prospect for many business owners as the idea of relinquishing some control is scary, but it will be worth it in the end because you will be able to work on the aspects of your business that you enjoy and are good at knowing that everything else is in hand. If you are worried, just remember that this first hire is the first step to making your business bigger and better. Eventually, you will need a check stub maker for salaries as you will have hired a number of people, and it will all start with taking this important step.

New Ideas

Sometimes it is a good idea to try a new revenue stream if you want to grow your business, but you might not have the skills to do it. Finding something that complements what you already do can easily increase the amount your customers spend or find you new customers altogether, but if you don’t have the skills, then you can get it wrong and actually push customers away instead. Therefore, hiring someone with the right skills is a good idea. This new employee can work solely on the new arm of the business, ensuring that it all goes smoothly and that the business makes a lot more money.