Great Tips For Selling Your Online Business


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When you have been running your online business for a long time, it can start to get quite profitable. So profitable in fact that you might a) get bored and need a new challenge or b) have made enough money to no longer need it. It might be hard to fathom for some business owners right now.  But eventually you will be reaching that point, and that’s when you are going to think about selling your company. So, the first question you need to ask is when you do you start preparing for this sale?

Well experts recommend that you start thinking about a future sale as soon as your company enters the market. The reason for this is that way you don’t have a final rush to get everything in order. Here are some tips to make sure selling your business goes smoothly.

Keep Your Records Up To Date  

Understand that when you sell a business it is like any other commodity. A potential buyer needs to see it as a worthy investment, and they won’t be able to do this if you don’t have a good record of your spending, taxation etc. It is kind of like selling a car. You would not expect someone to buy a car without a history, and you can’t expect someone to buy a company without one either. A potential business owner will want to know a company’s past so they can start planning for it’s future with them as the owner.

Have A Strong Employee Base

You need to be constantly checking if your employees are the best team available. If they’re not it might be time to start thinking about hiring and firing before trying to sell your company. You need to have a strong employee base that a new owner can rely on. As a business owner, it’s understandable that you are going to be taking a lot of the responsibility running the business. But if to work, it relies on you completely you are going to have difficulty finding a potential buyer. You need to show them they have a team they can rely on and that they will not have to wipe the board clean on day one.

Plan For When You Have Gone

You probably never thought about helping the next owner run your company, but you should. You should be able to show future buyers that there is a plan they can use to keep your company profitable after they buy it. If they choose to liquidate the company after the sale, that’s their decision but you should give them the option of moving forward. Show them not just what your company is when they will be buying it, but what it could grow into.

Hire A Broker

If you want to get the best deal selling a business, you’re going to need to hire a broker. They will target potential buyers who will want your company. They will also walk you through the steps of a successful sale and will already know both buyers and investors. This is a service that is pivotal to the successful sale of your business.

Once you’re happy, you will agree on terms and sign on the dotted line. After that congratulations, your business is off your hands and you have made a successful profit. You can now take on new venture from scratch if you want the challenge.  Or, settle into a comfy retirement away from the market.

Want to Know the Secret to Business Marketing? Check Out This List

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As a business owner, you need to realise that the key to business success is excellent marketing. So you need to come up with strategies and techniques to get the best out of your marketing. Here are some of the best strategies for promoting and advertising your company.


All businesses have to have a website to give them a professional image. So make sure you create a website for the company as soon as you can. And it needs to be excellently designed and laid. Make sure it’s easy to use and navigate. And you also need to ensure that the content is attractive and informative. It could be worth contacting web design experts to get them to help with this.

Social Media

We all know that social media is the most powerful form of marketing out there. It has transformed the way that business can promote themselves. The best part about social media sites is they’re free and easy to use. You need to know the golden rules of social media marketing and use them to your advantage. Get on sites like Twitter and Facebook, and create strong profiles. Use these profiles to drive and promote your brand as much as you can.


These days blogging has become all the rage. It’s estimated that thousands of people start new blogs every week. And business owners have also embraced the power and influence of blogs. You can use your business blog to talk about the company and the industry you’re in. Make sure you link it to the website for maximum impact and exposure. Think about collaborating with other bloggers as well, to increase your audience base. It might be worth hiring writers to make sure your blog content is perfect.

Business Cards

Business cards are a highly underrated form of business marketing. They are something you need to embrace as much as possible. Use the cards as a condensed form of your business CV. And don’t be afraid to inject a little colour and personality into them. Check out sites like where you can bulk order business cards. And always carry them around with you. You never know when you might be in a position to hand them out to people.

Trade Shows

You might not have thought much about it, but trade shows are important. These are an excellent way of doing some offline marketing. You can interact with other industry personnel and build contacts. You’ll also have the chance to network with potential clients and customers. Of course, you’re going to need to have an excellent stand to attract people. But you need to try to make sure you use trade shows to your advantage wherever you can.

When it comes to marketing your business you need to know the best methods available. There are a lot of ways in which you can promote your company these days. Try to have a combination of lots of different methods. These will help you to advertise in the most effective way you possibly can.  


A Step By Step Guide To Building A Strong Digital Marketing Team

Modern businesses have to invest a lot of money in digital marketing. There are so many different elements to cover that dealing with it alone doesn’t make sense. You need to employ the best marketing team you can find to ensure the success of your company. The step by step guide on this page will point you in the right direction. As you will learn, you need to improve your talents to make the right choices. You’ll also have to use some common sense throughout the entire process. Let’s get started.

Improve your leadership skills

Finding the best marketing professionals is only part of the job. Firstly, you need to improve your leadership skills. At the end of the day, your employees will only do as you tell them. So, you have to ensure you know what you’re doing. There is a vast array of leadership training programs you can use. Just research the providers and work out who offers the best deal. You shouldn’t worry about saving money at this stage. Companies that offer exceptionally cheap courses probably won’t provide the expertise you require.

Advertise your positions properly

Lots of business owners advertise career opportunities on the Jobcentre website. That is not the best move for your company. You need to appeal to professionals with a lot of experience. Most of them are not going to be unemployed. So, they will look at specialist job boards online. Search Google to find the most appropriate websites for your industry. Make sure you write a description that makes the job sound fun and interesting. You should also provide as much information about wages and benefits as possible. That should help to entice more suitable candidates.


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Look for people with SEO talents

Your company will run a website to promote its services and products. It’s important that your domain becomes listed within the correct listings. That will improve your chances of success. There is no point making the number one spot on Google for homeware if you sell insurance. You get the idea, right? Ideally, the team you employ needs to understand how SEO works. So, you should seek people who have previously worked in relevant roles for the best results.

Engage in team building exercises

Once you’ve recruited some marketing employees, you’ll need to turn them into a team. There are lots of ideas you could use to make that happen. Most business owners select fun activities that require everyone to work together. The possibilities are endless. To ensure you get the desired outcomes, you should involve your workers in the decision. Ask them about their passions, and find an activity that suits everyone.

So long as you follow that step by step guide, you should have a strong marketing team very soon. Make sure you design an interview process that allows you to learn about the candidates. Their CV might look impressive, but their personality could make them unsuitable. Avoid asking standard interview questions and try something innovative. Maybe you should hold your interviews over a game of snooker at the local hall?

The Golden Rules Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has been embraced by companies in a big way. What started as a simple way to connect with friends and family has quickly become our dominant marketing platform. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone is doing it right. Or doing it well. I’ve seen my fair share of bad social media practice by companies and brands. Remember, these are public forums, and social interaction is key. With this in mind, I’ve come up with a few rules to live by in the social sphere.

Don’t forget the other channels – One of the biggest mistakes I see happening in digital marketing is a heavy reliance on one channel. In this case, social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are fantastic. They make it so easy to connect with new customers. However, they are not the only way to build your company. I see small businesses latch onto it, leaving all other channels by the wayside. Don’t forget about SEO, advertising, content strategies and web design. All these aspects must work together. Social media is powerful, but it’s not a silver bullet.


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Choose the right platform – The second big mistake is trying to do too much. You need to choose the social media platform that works best for you. For example, the fashion industry has seen much better results by focusing on Instagram and Pinterest. For news media websites, on the other hand, Twitter is still the best way to reach your readers. Each platform has its unique audience, and a series of positives and negatives. Experiment with yours, and then focus on one or two that convert best.

Communication is a two-way street – Social media platforms were built with social interaction in mind. It’s the reason they exist and thrive. Well, you wouldn’t dominate a real-life conversation by shouting in someone’s face. So don’t do it online. Open up your dialogue to your customers and consumers. Ask them questions, and respond to their queries. Be approachable and friendly online. Be yourself. That way, it’s much less intrusive when you do have something to shout about.

Be timely – When it comes to social posting, there is definitely a sweet spot to be found. Posting too much will irritate your followers. Post too little, and your communications will get swallowed up among the masses. With Twitter and Instagram, you can post a little more often; up to 20 times a day isn’t unreasonable. If you’re using Facebook, however, try to limit your posts to five or six.

Monitor and adapt – Last of all, make sure you are constantly monitoring your engagement levels. Social media marketing requires regular measurement and testing. Analyse what’s working well and do more of it. Likewise, note down what performs badly, and do less of it. Every social media channel gives you feedback on views, engagement, and reach. Use them to craft a better experience, and improve your click-through rates.

When used correctly, social media marketing is incredibly effective. Just be sure to follow these golden rules! What laws do you live by on social media? I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s Why I Think A Registered Trademark Could Be Useful For Your Business

You might not realize it, but we all deal with trademarks on a daily basis! From the computer you’re using to the car you drive, many things that we use each day are often trademarked.

In the business world, trademarks are an essential commodity. They help to protect our work and make us more attractive to potential customers. Who’d have thought that tiny little symbol at the end of a brand name or image could have such an impact?

If you don’t use trademarks in your business, here are a few reasons why I think they could be useful for you.



They protect your brand

You will no doubt have spent a long time building up your brand and its products and services. It’s never a nice thing to discover that someone has ripped off your hard work and claiming it as their own.

Registered trademarks help you to protect your brand and lower the risk of brand theft. If someone attempts to use your branding without your permission, you can sue them – and win. Of course, you’d rather not reach such a stage, but the option is there should you need it.

Trademarks are good communication tools

You might not think it, but they can get used as a way to convey your message to others! They can send emotional and intellectual attributes about your brand to your target market.

Trademarks are also useful for building up consumer confidence in your brand. They show people that you are here to stay, and how you’re committed to providing a quality service.

They help your customers to identify you

You might already know this, but you can register trademarks not just on text but on graphics too. Your business will doubtless have a unique brand logo and slogan.

People in the IT industry, for example, will recognize the Microsoft logo and slogan. Retail consumers can distinguish the Coca-Cola brand from their competitors. Registering your trademark means that you can make your brand more powerful.

Anyone can register a trademark

Some people assume that trademarks are only available to large corporate entities. The good news is that anyone can register a trademark. You don’t even have to run a business to do so!

One point to bear in mind is that you’ll need to check that no-one else has registered the name or graphics you want. For that reason, I recommend using some trademark consultants to confirm that for you.

Trademarks can make your brand more valuable

There are many facets to consider when valuing a business. One of those is intellectual property rights. Let’s assume that your firm sells an award-winning product around the world. It both manufactures and distributes it to retailers and consumers.

Because you’ve registered the trademarks, you will make your company appreciate in value! Few people realize that fact, so it’s important you bear that in mind. If you ever decide to sell your business someday, you’ll make a bigger profit from the sale.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and register your trademark today!