Dealing with Social Media Anxiety


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As more people engage with social media, so does the emergence of a new type of anxiety, social media anziety. New studies found out that social media indeed fuel stress that causes too much anxiety. Digital interactions have been found to create a sort of a tipping point that exacerbates the anxiety on already stressed out people. While people make a tongue-in-cheek treatment on social media anxiety; it is important that we deal with it or it could drive us crazy.

Never let social media rule your life

Social media is great in connecting with people but never allow it to rule your life. Of course, people would feel excited to know what the world is up to. However, the longer you expose yourself on social media the more drawn you are to engage and generate anxiety when things don’t fall your way. Learn to step away and go out sometime. The world is not Facebook or Twitter. There is actually a real world that you can explore and real people that you can engage with.

Do not take information as gospel truth

Here’s a shocker. Not all information that you read on social media are true. Some of the information you read there can be false. People would feel anxious about people they know putting up statuses that are inconsistent with the truth. Don’t lose sleep about information that people put up on Facebook as long as you know the truth.  Once you decide to spend time on Facebook and other social networking sites you have to prepare yourself for the unexpected.  You also need to be wise in filtering out information.  Otherwise, you will run the risk of suffering from stress and anxiety.

Don’t join groups for just for the sake of joining

Sometimes you joined a Facebook group that you have no interest in because they were kind enough to invite you. Now that group has been flooding your news feed and it drives you crazy. Don’t worry though; you can always unlike the group and leave. Just don’t join in the first place.  As soon as you receive invitations, think twice first before finally giving in to them.  Think about the benefits and the disadvantages of joining such groups so you can spare yourself from being stressed out in spending time over irrelevant and nonsense social groups.

A matter of security

Security is a matter that drives people up the wall. The best thing about it is that you can control it. Learn to master the security settings that are available to you. You will thank Facebook for placing these settings to put things in place and avoid setting off an anxiety bomb that could make things worse for you.

No, you don’t have to like it

A lot of people would pressure you to like things on social media. Here’s an eye opener for you, you don’t have to do their bidding. While it is socially acceptable to give a paltry reply to their statuses but you don’t have to like it. You must only like it if you really do and just ignore it if you don’t. Leave things the way it is. Be cautious as well about liking certain websites or products.  Make sure that these sites do not contain any malware that could steal some confidential information from your computer.

Learn to accept rejection

Getting your friend request rejected is a normal thing. People tend to have panic attacks when their friend request rejected and remain pending. They tend to be anxious and send private messages to force people to accept it to the point of becoming irrational and violent. Here’s the deal, if the person don’t accept it; they are not worthy of becoming a friend.

Stress and pressures coming from social networking can become a significant psychological issue in the future. Learn to control it now at its infancy so it will not explode on all our faces and play catch up when it is too late. These social networking sites should be yours for positive purposes.

Old MacDonald Had a Blogging Farm

The spoon runs away with the dish in this Cald...

The spoon runs away with the dish in this Caldecott image that shows movement characteristic of his illustrations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am going to come right out here and admit from the start that I have been badly traumatized by nursery rhymes. My little girl has about 20 sing-along books which she forces me to listen to. Sometimes I even forget that I am tone deaf and decide to join in on some of these annoying classics with bizarre lyrics.

So what can nursery rhymes teach us about the blogging world? The rather surprising answer is that they can teach us a lot.

London Bridge is Falling Down

Wood and clay will wash away, will they? Why, indeed they will. I have never designed a proper bridge in all my life, although I seem to recall that I did once place a plank of wood across a rather fast flowing stream. It got washed away. Anyway, what this nursery rhyme is telling us is that some things will last longer than others. If you build your website or your blog on shoddy foundations or of the wrong stuff then you will end up lamenting it afterwards. On the other hand, if you use quality material you will have a thing of beauty which will last a long time. In this case we are talking about getting a good site design and adding valuable content to it on a regular basis. I am not sure where the guy with the pipe comes in though.

The Grand Old Duke of York

This is a nursery rhyme which always confused me when I was a kid. If the old Duke of York was so grand why was he wasting his time marching all those men up and down a blooming hill in the first place? If I had 10,000 men at my disposal I’d get them to do something useful like weed my garden or make me some tea. Then I realised that this was actually a bit of blogging advice which was ahead of its time. What the Duke is doing is getting his site into a great position on the search engine rankings thanks to the help of a big team, only to see it fall away again. At the end he is neither at the top nor the bottom and needs to start the process all over again. This tells us that you need to get it right from the start if you want to avoid this yoyo process which no doubt left the Duke rather dizzy. Long term, sustainable methods of improving your site’s chances of success include a solid use of guess blogging techniques.

Seesaw Margery Daw

I had completely forgotten about this song until I heard it on one of those confounded books the other days. It is actually an interesting nursery rhyme which talks about the problems inherent in child labor  Poor Johnny only earns a penny a day because he can’t work any faster. This is an issue which we see in the blogging world as well. For example, you might decide to outsource some work. You probably won’t knowingly get a street urchin like Johnny to do it for but you might decide to hire someone who doesn’t have great writing skills or who doesn’t even speak the English all that well. The end result is that your writer earns pittance and you end up with articles which look like they have been written by an 18th century street urchin. The solution here is to get a top class writer who will give you the product you need. You will need to pay out a bit more cash to do this but the end result will be a lot better for everyone concerned.

If you want a website which has a good long term future you should look at getting some high quality guest blogging done for it.

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Seven Simple Ways to Attract Loyal Readers Fast


mappa_blog (Photo credit: francescopozzi)

If you want to make a real living blogging, it’s repeat readers that are going to get you there. SEO might help you to climb Google’s ranks but the real profits are always going to be to attract loyal readers.

It’s repeat readers that will visit your blog regardless of where you rank. It’s repeat readers that will leave well thought out comments and build natural backlinks for you.

Attracting a loyal following for your blog isn’t rocket science but it does take time. Here are seven simple tips for speeding up the process.

Post to a Schedule

One of the first rules of building a following is to post on a regular basis. You don’t need to post daily but you do need to post to a schedule. Let visitors to your blog know how often you plan on posting and do your best to stick to that schedule each and every week. You want people to expect posts on certain days and visit your blog as a result. Constantly disappearing for a week or two is not how you achieve this.

Be Memorable

When somebody reads a great post on your blog, the last thing that you want is for them to forget where they read it. An important goal for every blogger is therefore to run a memorable blog. Avoid generic, easily forgettable domain names. Get an eye catching logo designed and combine it with a memorable tagline. Research how blogs in your niche typically look and fashion your blog in a completely different style.

Be a Real Person

If you want to attract a following fast, don’t be an anonymous blogger. Using your real name and putting a face to that name with a photo is very much recommended. When you blog anonymously, you are needlessly handicapping yourself. You are making it far more difficult for your readers to really connect with you. Clever bloggers take this one step further by including the odd talking heads style video post.

Share Your Opinions

One of the easiest ways to attract a following is to be opinionated. Facts are everywhere online but your opinions can be exclusive to your blog provided you actually include them in your posts. Regardless of what you’re writing about, try to include a few sentences regarding how you feel about the subject matter. Controversial opinions are especially effective at keeping readers coming back for more.

Be Different

Take a look at your competitors blogs. In all likelihood, the people that visit your blog are reading your competitors blogs also. If you want to attract a following, you therefore need to offer something different. Just about every niche has ample competition these days and it’s the bloggers that manage to differentiate themselves from the crowd that make real money. What are your competitors failing to write about?

Talk to Your Audience

If you want loyal followers, you need to be willing to talk to them. The best bloggers understand that blogging is a two way conversation. When somebody leaves a well thought out comment on your blog, make sure that you respond in kind. Let your readers know that their input is valued. And because your blogs comment section is the primary vehicle for discussion with your readers, it’s important to keep it well moderated.

Offer Genuine Value

Finally, if you want to attract a loyal following, you need to offer visitors to your blog genuine value. You need to write posts that genuinely help them. Ask yourself what problems your readers are likely to have and how your blog might help to solve them. Nothing builds loyalty quite as fast as problem solving. This is one of the reasons why well thought out tutorials make for excellent blog posts.

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Beginners Guide to Traffic Boosting – 5 Useful Tips for Increasing Action-Oriented Visits

The internet has changed quite a bit since my early days of online marketing. Back in 2005 my wife Arlene and I were involved in link partnering. We don’t do that anymore, we have more tried and true methods that we employ now. I’ve been a successful online businessman for over a decade now, it’s been a great ride seeing familiar faces year after year at summits and conferences.\

To Make a Sale, You’ve Got to Get Them Through the Door

I’ve learned quite a bit in my years as an internet entrepreneur and podcast host. My programs such as “Affiliate Buzz” and “Coffee Talk” have featured many experts in the field of marketing and social media as necessary drivers for a successful business. In a recent edition of “Coffee Talk” I had the opportunity to host a good friend and colleague, Mario Bonilla.

Mario, formerly of PRWeb, is a self-taught social media expert – he went from knowing very little about the internet to training others during his time as a platform trainer and customer delight specialist. A host of many informative webinars available at, Mario thrilled “Coffee Talk” listeners, and recent graduates of my SUPER BootCamp, with his insightful advice.

Social Media Starts in Your Own Backyard

  • Make a list of people in your community – Editors of newspapers, periodicals, local publications, and radio rely on fresh, interesting news each day to fill up their pages with relevant content. You can help them with this by contacting them and asking how they like to receive their information. Some may like email, others by fax, some may prefer good old snail-mail. Whatever the preference, update your local news outlets regularly in a manner they prefer.
  • Community is online as well as offline – When Arlene was setting up her website for she searched Google from top to bottom, looking for sites similar to her own. After she had a solid list of 50 or so sites she contacted each of them and offered them a chance to publish one of her articles each month. Reaching out this way has helped her build strong ties in the epilepsy community.  Keep in mind this is a give and take relationship, Arlene provides a unique and fresh article per month and receives similar content from these other sites. This strengthens Google rankings by building credibility and backlinks.
  • Give regular updates of relevant happenings – Set aside time each month to write a press release about the current news and announcements relevant to your business and target audience. Distributing your press release is easy with the help of PRWeb’s flexible pricing and service options.
  • Use a solid template for monthly press releases – Writing a press release that gets noticed takes some practice, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Make a list of all the valuable, noteworthy things your business has accomplished, and condense this into a focused, announcement-style document. Templates and how-tos are readily available online to coach you through the process. Start with a solid headline and build from there. Remember, it’s an announcement, not a sales pitch.
  • Contract out if necessary – When in doubt, contract out! I happen to love hiring contractors through because it’s so convenient and I’m always pleased with the level of professionalism I receive for a reasonable price. If you can’t afford to hire a contractor, consider what sorts of barters and trades you can make with talented writers in your area.

A Solid Press Release Can Launch a Website

I love to use my beautiful wife Arlene as an example. When she was putting together she worried a bit about the slow trickle of initial traffic. I suggested she put out a press release and within a week of doing so she was not only at the top of Google and Yahoo News, she also landed on the front page of our local paper with an additional two pages dedicated to her website and our son, Adam! Arlene often says that press release launched her website, and I have to agree. If you are on a budget try taking advantage of the many press release coupons available on the web, and see what press releases can do for you.

About the author:

Industry veteran James Martell has enjoyed success as an affiliate trainer. As the author of the very popular “Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook”, as well as the host and creator of the “Affiliate Buzz” and “Coffee Talk” podcasts for affiliate marketers, James also developed a “SUPER BootCamp” training course, a collection of 12 recorded lessons, hours of audio, live Q&A sessions and more. James often uses the Internet as a resource and reads sites like when browsing for economic news.

Four Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best CMS Platform

cms press

cms press (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

WordPress is a free publishing platform that continues to please many web enthusiasts worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, it has grown from a blogging only platform developed using MySQL and PHP, to become the most powerful and flexible Content Management System (CMS) on the internet. Whether, you are starting a blog, a personal website, or an e-commerce establishment, WordPress can satisfy all your needs. This article highlights four reasons why WordPress is the best CMS platform.

Why WordPress Is the Best CMS Platform

WordPress has enjoyed the status of being among the best CMS platforms for a long time. This is because of its many desirable features. They include:

Ease of Use

WordPress is very easy to use. You do not have to learn or understand complicated coding languages, to create an elegant and functional website. You only have to install WordPress in your web hosting account and manipulate its many features to meet your needs. The ‘Fantastico’ script offered by many established hosting companies facilitates automatic installation of this exquisite CMS platform.

After you have installed WordPress, you can easily add, manage, and update your content, without manipulating any code or hiring a professional webmaster. Its point and click interface helps you to create new pages, edit existing ones, and make any other changes that you want. Finally, you can use its site enhancement modules, to set your website apart from its competition.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To have a successful website online, you must attract targeted traffic to it. This is why SEO is very important. One of the main reasons why WordPress is among the best CMS platforms is because it is SEO optimized. Search engines such as Google love WordPress because of several reasons. First, it is basic template is ‘clean coded’. This pleases the bot algorithms of major search engine.

WordPress also generates SEO friendly permalinks. It also has other inbuilt SEO features such as a self-updating nature and automated ping tool. If you couple the foregoing on-site features with other offsite SEO techniques, your site will rank higher in search results, and attract a lot of organic traffic.

WordPress Extensions

Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress is very flexible, and easy to customize. It offers thousands of free and paid themes and plugins that you can use to expand your website. If you want to match the theme of your content with that of your website, you only have to research, and choose a good application from its arsenal. You can also customize you website with contact forms, polls, or ratings, even if you are a novice user. You do not have to hiring a professional website developer.

Support System

WordPress has a good user support system. If you do not understand how to use a custom feature, there is a pool of WordPress enthusiasts who are always ready to help. They host dedicated websites and forum boards where they share WordPress tricks and tricks. If you want to clarify a given issue, you can post in on such forums, for WordPress users to discuss. If you do not get a satisfactory solution, experienced officials on the official WordPress support forum can always help.

Author’s Bio: To know more why WordPress is the best CMS platform to date, visit This reputable web resource covers this and a host of other web design topics, in detail. And also the author of this article focused on this topic.

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