Internet Marketing: Is It For You Or Not?

If you are someone who is looking to work from home, Internet marketing may be the career you have been looking for. There are several different ways you can earn a living at home through Internet marketing such as providing SEO services, being an affiliate marketer and promoting various products, monetizing websites with Google AdSense, or blogging about a topic and selling ad space. Each money making method can provide you with the freedom you desire by allowing you to work whenever you want from wherever you want. Searching online job boards such as, Craigslist, and is a great way to find work at home jobs.

 Set Goals

When working from home, it is important to set goals for yourself. This includes both short term and long term goals. By setting goals for yourself, you can track your progress on the way to your end goal of making enough money to support your family while working from home. It can be very easy to become distracted when working at home. If you do not have goals in place, you may find yourself working on too many projects at once and will become overwhelmed during the process. This can lead to fatigue and drain your will to work hard.

When setting your goals, you need to set realistic goals. This will help you stay motivated as you will feel good about yourself and your progress when you reach each short term goal. When you feel good about the work you are doing, you will be more likely to continue to work hard and achieve success within the Internet marketing industry.

 Persistence is Key

One reason why many people do not succeed in the Internet marketing industry is because they lack the persistence required to make it in this field. It is inevitable that you will fail when you first start trying to make money online. If you are unwilling to learn from your mistakes and do not keep plugging away, there is no way you will be able to make a living working from home. As long as you do not get discouraged when one of your marketing ideas does not work, you should not have a problem succeeding in the long term once you do find a successful money making idea.

Some of the best inventors in history failed several times over before they had a breakthrough and finished their invention. If you know that you are more than likely to fail at first while you get over the learning curve associated with Internet marketing, you will be less likely to quit and therefore have a better chance of achieving your dream of working from home.

Stay Organized

Organization skills are extremely important when working from as an Internet marketer. Setting aside an area of your home to use as your work station will help you keep all of your notes in one place so you can easily find them when you are working. Having a small work area will also help you separate your personal life from your work. It can be difficult to get things done if you are tempted by a television. Working a quiet area of your home will help you stay focused on your daily tasks.

Also, creating daily and weekly to-do lists will help keep you organized and on track to complete all of your goals. Once you start outsourcing some of your work, you will need to be very organized to ensure you stay on top of your independent contractors and that they complete their assigned tasks in a timely fashion.

While everyone is tempted by the allure of working from home, the truth of the matter is that Internet marketing is not for everyone. However, if you are persistent, have the ability to set goals, and can stay extremely organized, you can earn a comfortable living from your home through Internet marketing.

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Five MORE Tips You Need to Create a Great Local Business Blog

Here are five more tips to ensure your new or existing local business blog is effectively engaging your target audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Post more than just articles.
Your blog should be creative and interesting. As such, you want your content to be more than just articles. Like most of your readers, you probably enjoy a bit of variety in the content you read. Consider adding infographics to share a new piece of information, or create a ‘how-to’ article for a common issue your customers have.

Encourage your readers to comment and create content.
A “conversation” between several people is much more interesting than a one sided conversation by a post’s author. Remember to ask for feedback from your readers and when they provide it make them feel welcome and needed. If your readers need a little prodding in order to get the comment, consider doing a give-away of a new or favorite customer product or service.

See what is working for blogging writers writing about your topics and industry.
Look for great conversation starting on established bloggers in your field. Take note of the topic which is sparking conversation. Do you have information to add? Go ahead and respond on the blog, but also consider creating a follow up post on your blog to address the comments and questions raised. Your wise advice may help begin to cement you as a knowledgeable online information source on your blog topic. Remember, this is one key thing you’d like to achieve so always be on the lookout for ways to accomplish it!

Consider incorporating videos.
One great way to help your blog readers/viewer connect with your local business and its brand is by creating unique video content.  If you’re launching a new product soon consider creating a video demonstrating it for your customers. Or, perhaps instead of writing a ‘how-to’ post, create a ‘how-to’ video. Of course, also place any video you create on You-Tube, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other appropriate social media your local business has a presence on.  Through this approach not only will you be creating value for your customers, you’ll also be driving engagement between your blog and the social media platforms you utilize.

Solve your customer’s / reader’s problems.
What problems do your local business customers and/or blog readers come to your business seeking resolution? If you know this piece of information, you have a gold mine of information for your blog posts. Respond to these questions and issues, and you are sure to engage your readers!

So you have blogging tips that have worked well for your local business blog, or anything you think should be added to this list? We’d love to hear about your ideas and experiences below!

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Infographic: How Big is Apple, Really?

Although Apple is one of the biggest technology companies in the world today, their financial history has been a mix of ups and downs. In fact, before Steve Jobs returned in 1996, Apple almost went bankrupt and was bailed out by none other than Bill Gates.

However, their downhill financial battle has been put behind them. Today, Apple is the textbook business school example of how to run a company as efficiently and productively as possible. By keeping their costs low and their profits high, Apple has been able to enjoy unrivaled success with the few products they’ve released IPhones alone make almost half of their revenues and every time a new product or update is released, it is backordered before it even hits shelves. With higher revenues than the GDP of most countries, Apple isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just how big is Apple? With $508 billion in revenues, it’s safe to say Apple is big enough.

Source: Best Computer Science Degrees

Mezee Great Way For Make Viral Marketing

Feature rich Mezee

Every morning, the first thing that comes to our mind is curiosity about latest developments happening around, amongst our friends, relatives and the place we stay. Although letters, phone and television still exist as a form of communication, but these are getting old fashioned, all these are getting replaced by a new form of communication medium, that is social networking media and Mecca is of those outstanding new social networking sites in vogue. It is absolutely free. No cost to join or use any basic services at all

What Mezee is all about?

Mezee is a bright new social networking site with over 42,000 members already and the count increasing every minute. The interface is pretty neat; sky blue header and the grass green footer give it a cool look. The home page is nicely built, very responsive and easy to understand for any new user. To become a member one has to provide very basic details about him / her, upload a profile picture and viola; in seconds you will be broadcasting your thoughts across thousands of users online at that time. While posting you can add photos, links, videos, people and not to forget some nice looking smile’s to make your posts look cooler.

Some important features including Viral Marketing

Mezee allows you to add known friends by using their e-mail contact and also gives you the freedom to find thousands of other members by filtering for certain region, age or gender; Mezee also provides a list of new members and most popular members in the left side pane, you can view the pictures and videos posted by other members. The coolest feature that Mezee offers compared to other social networking sites wherein your posts, photos or videos are limited to a selective audience such as your friends or their friends, but in Mezee by default your posts are visible to everyone. It is like chatting with thousands of users that are online.

Best use of Mezee chat is for viral marketing, any person interested in marketing their services or products can avail this amazing feature to target a large volume of audience at a time, without having to spend a single penny on advertising. After you post any content on your home page other users are offered the option to like your post and also to give comments on it.

Mezee also keeps a tally of all your posts, likes and comments by other users, and sends you updates of the same, so that you don’t miss any feedback from your friends and other members. Members have to be careful while posting socially unwanted material, hate speech, images or videos with copy rights and you shall agree to it while signing up. Mecca gold is a special paid feature for digital merchandise and content Alternately you can also opt for becoming a VIP member by paying via PayPal.

To conclude, I would recommend everyone to go ahead sign in and make a couple of friends, use Mezee for viral marketing of any service your offer, across the globe. Have a good time socializing.

Written by Julieth Gonzalez, Marketing And Social Media Tools.

Eight Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look Like an Amateur

If you want to set up a blog, you can do it, anyone can. But try to avoid some of the big blogging mistakes.The blogosphere has zero barriers to entry and in some ways, this is what makes it so great. Unfortunately however, it also leads to quite a bit of virtual pollution. The number of amateur bloggers who can barely spell, let alone entertain, continues to increase on a daily basis.

And if you want people to actually read your blog, you need to differentiate yourself from the millions of bloggers out there that have no idea what they are doing. An excellent place to start is to avoid making any of the following foolish mistakes. All of which are perfect examples of how not to blog like a professional.

Big Time Blogging Mistakes

Don’t Bother Proofreading

This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes – professionals proof read their posts. They do so even when they don’t want to. They do so even when they don’t think they are going to find any mistakes. The result is a blog free of typos and stupid grammatical errors. There are too many blogs out there with impeccable posts. Few people are going to waste time with a blog that contains endless mistakes.

Don’t Waste Your Time With Sub Headings

Take a look at all the most popular blogs online. They all have one thing in common, none of their posts include big blocks of text. Paragraphs are short, sub headings are everywhere and there are bullet points galore. The worst thing about big blocks of text is not actually that they make content difficult to read. It’s that they give the impression that the content is not worth reading in the first place.

Choose the First Theme You Find

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog that looks like it was designed by a child? Did you stay long? Did you even read the first post? Chances are you didn’t because the blogosphere is a stylish place with an increasingly strict dress code. Boom – you made on of the big blogging mistakes.  Clean themes with lots of space are what people want. They don’t want confusing themes with more ads than content. When your blog looks sloppy, you look sloppy and you fade into anonymity.

Categorize Your Posts According to Their Date

Of all the ways that you can categorize your posts, don’t do so according to the date that they were written. Keeping your newest posts at the front of your blog, this makes sense. You want readers to check out your newest creations. But why categorize a few years worth of posts according to when they were written? Categorizing your posts is supposed to help your readers find what they are looking for. Nobody is looking for what you wrote last March.

Talk About Your Cat

If you want to blog about a wide range of topics, there’s nothing wrong with doing so. But if you want to call your blog a tech blog, you can’t occasionally post about your girlfriend. You are wasting peoples time. You might be a popular tech blogger but your readers don’t visit your blog to read about what you had for breakfast. They also don’t care about your political views. They have their own problems, they have limited time and they just want to read about the latest tech news.

Take a Holiday

As anyone who has ever blogged for profit will tell you, blogging isn’t always an easy job.  Therefore the odd holiday is not only beneficial, many people would even argue that it’s a necessity. All blogging and no play makes Jack go postal. The right way to take a holiday however is when you have a few weeks of posts already written. That way you can schedule them to be published in your absence. On the other hand, not posting for two weeks without a single word of warning? That’s how you end up looking stupid.

Explain Why You Are God

Big old blogging mistakes happen, but don’t be silly – there is nothing wrong with establishing yourself as an expert. In fact, doing so has endless benefits. But shameless self promoting that borders on bragging is not only irritating, it makes you look like an amateur. The richest people don’t flash their money around. And the smartest people don’t go around telling people how smart they are. Illustrate your expertise by providing top notch educational content.

Don’t Think, Just Disagree

Controversial posts are a great way to get a blog noticed. Unfortunately however, they are also a great way to completely destroy your credibility. If you want to disagree with someone solely to get some attention, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with this. But choose your battles wisely, narrow the scope of your arguments and back up everything you claim. Clever controversy is profitable but not all controversy is clever.


Tom Koh is freelance writer and an SEO expert. He has optimized many websites and has many posts about SEO and internet marketing to his credit. He believes that alexa ranking is the most reliable ranking service available.