Backlinks are Gold!

10 Steps To Build Revenue Generating Backlinks – PAD Your Way To Success

I’ve been marketing products and services on the Internet for well over a decade now and if there is one truth that has remained constant over all of those years is that traffic equals sales. The more targeted the traffic the better the sales. And the best way to get targeted traffic today is through backlinks.

You simply can’t ignore backlinks. Google uses backlinks as and important part in determining where a page is going to rank in the SERP. It doesn’t matter what your topic or product is be it top rated wood routers, dog sitting, car kits, digital cameras or free auto insurance quotes you need to have relevant back links pointing at your pages in order to rank. Read more

Affiliate Marketing – Week 2: ‘OK, this is hard’

I chose a “dark” photo which shows some degree of failure – but also hope…this is a perfect description of my second week in affiliate marketing.

You may have read one of my first two affiliate marketing posts – last week I publicly announced my intent to become a successful affiliate marketer.  As I do this – my plan it to blog my way through it to show and explain to others my methods, successes and failures.

Well – we’re basically at the end of week two and, holy crap…this is hard.  I have really not made much progress yet, for a couple of reasons.

  1. I need to give it some more priority.
    A few hours a week will not be enough.  I need to pencil in 2-3 hours a day.  That will be my method soon – I have started to clear off my plate to give me more time.  Without this kind of commitment – it will not work.
  2. There is a lot learn.
    I’ve also figured out that I have a lot to learn.  One of the three hours will probably need to be research and learning.

So – I have definitely not given up…I’m probably more sure than ever that I want to do this, but it is not as easy as I thought.  This is real work and should not be taken lightly.

More to come soon.

Affiliate Marketing – Day 2

Nothing like changing the game plan  on day two…but that is how I roll.  I want to be an affiliate marketing guy, but I don’t want to learn a whole new system.

After reviewing the BANS plan from yesterday – it looked great.  But it was missing one element I really needed wanted, WordPress.  I love WordPress and I also know from other research that WordPress is a great tool for affiliate marketing.  So, one step forward – two steps back.  But a better long term plan.

I did a bit more research and found phpBayPro (which helps with the eBay) and phpZonPro (which helps with the goods from Amazon).

My game plan here is to leverage both eBay and Amazon via tips, tricks and review articles as my seo-able content.

So far so good.  I’m gonna hit the woodshed and get two sites started.  One for eBay and one for Amazon.  That is my game plan for now – tomorrow we’ll see what Google Analytics can do for us.

Thanks for tuning in.

Current Cost: $150
Current Time: 3.5 hours
Return on Investment: $0

How I started in Affiliate Marketing

I really hope this is the question that someone will ask me a couple years from now – hey Tom, “how did you get started in affiliate marketing?”  Truth is, I have been thinking and wondering about affiliate marketing for a long time.  I just never took the plunge.

Since starting my job at Clickstop, I have been introduced to so much from the SEO/SEM world – but I was only getting the edge information.  I want to learn more – and my best method for learning is doing.

It kind of funny.  I kind of thought I already knew a bunch about SEO and SEM, it was even on my resume.  It read that I was a competent and fluent SEO guy.  I knew my skills were a few years old, but I really thought I understood…if asked, I would tell people something like: “oh, I’m not someone who could manage an SEO campaign – but I can code good SEO”. Come to find out – I didn’t know diddly.  Seriously – I was probably doing more harm than good.

In fact, my friends at work have forgotten more about SEO, SEM and affiliate style marketing than I have even known…but – I’m learning. So I thought I would jump in with both feet and do some experiments at home, on my time, in the basement living room recliner and see what I could come up with.

Build A Niche Site affiliate marketing programI don’t want this to be an exercise where I build everything from the ground up – so I’m taking a shortcut.  I found a program called BANS and I bought it.  ‘Build A Niche Store’ is a prepackaged ‘system’ which currently cost me $50, but I figured it was worth it. Here’s how they hooked me:

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How Are Thousands Of People Doing This?

By Using Our Simple Affiliate Website Builder Which Even A 5 Year Old And An 82 Year Old Have Successfully Used…Creating Little Affiliate Sites Which Make Great Money Like This One Below Are Easy To Build :)

Pretty awesome – huh?  If you want to read me, click here…its a link to the “Build A Niche Store” site. Did you click it? No…why.  Come on, click it.  Did you now? Yes?  Sweet – see, I’m an affiliate marketer now, you clicked my link.  :)     {It worked}

But seriously – I want to try an become an affiliate marketer – so I can really learn SEO.  I want to do it here – in public.  This will kind of be a running deal of what I learn, how I learned, how much it cost and how much can you really make.  Hopefully enough to buy a pizza and a beer – oh, and cover that $50.

Current Cost: $50
Current Time: 2.5 hours
Return on Investment: $0

Stay tuned!