The following are common page level SEO issues, their possible causes and how to address them:

Poor Search Engine Ranking : Most websites are not highly ranked in search engines such as Google. If your site is preforming poorly – it could be these reasons:

  • You Have Selected Very Competitive Keywords
    A common reason for not getting ranked in search engines is your keyword/keyword phrase is highly competitive. This is especially true if a site is new and has not had time to acquire links. When people search – most click on the first handful of results.  Look at the sites on the first page of any popular search engine.Now look at their backlinks – are they optimized? Do they have a high page rank? Are they an authority websites?
    – If the answer is ‘YES’, it will not be an easy task.  Instead of taking on that large of a task – maybe you need to look at less competitive keywords instead. This is why we created the free seo test – see what is working and what is not.  We can run a quick test and then a larger one later – if necessary.  Our reliable seo professionals will analyze and suggest the best way to improve.
  • Your Site Has HTML Errors
    HTML is finicky – many sites have HTML warnings or mistakes, some are worse than others.  So don’t feel you need to begin correcting all the errors on your site from the first to the last. Most errors will not cause search engines to stop crawling, BUT, HTML errors can stop them in their tracks – and this is BAD.  To find out if this is a problem, make sure your website’s HTML is verified. Google has a free tool called “Webmaster Tools” you can use to determine this. It will help you detect if there are crawling errors and show you. Once you have identified the problem, you can fix it immediately.
  • Your Website Is Not Optimized for Any Keyword
    Another common reason for not being ranked is failure to optimize your website for any keyword. When building your site, you need to take your time and decide what key words to target and also make certain that these key words are incorporated on your page, title tags and meta description.  Each page can only be optimized for one keyword/keyword phrase.  If you have not done this yet, you need to do so as soon as you can – this is VERY important.  Use our seo checkng tool on this page to help you.
  • Your Website Lacks Backlinks
    The number and quality of backlinks to your site is a large part in determining where you rank in a search engines result page. If you aren’t ranking for your keywords, open Google and try your keyword in the search box (without quotes) – then note the first 6 results. Go to a tool used for checking backlinks and check the number of backlinks these sites contain. Compare the results to your own website. This should give you an idea of the number of backlinks that you need to add to get to the top and that is if your other site work in in order.
  • Your Website is Still Young
    Give your site enough time; search rankings don’t happen overnight. The newer your site is the longer you will have to wait to achieve a top ranking. Some refer to this as the “Google Sandbox” – it can be 90 days or more until search engines deem you ready.  And, the more competitive the target keywords are, the longer you will have to wait to appear at the top. Monitor your progress over time by observing your links and your ranking then comparing this to high ranking websites – record the or use a tool to check them. This will enable you to ensure you are on the right path.
  • You Are Having Issues with Google
    Google has rules – not all website ownsers or SEO “experts” follow them.  This will cause you much trouble.  Many website owners today are having trouble with Google and their sites cannot perform well as required due to this. The following may be some reasons you are at odds with the Google, preventing your site from ranking high.
  • Your Website is Crammed With Spam Content
    Does it makes sense when you read your website’s content – would others find it interesting?  If your site contains spam links, hidden texts or keywords, gibberish or scrapped content you might have trouble with Google. This is a serious offense that could get you a pure spam penalty. It might not be your fault for having gibberish content on your website as sometimes site visitors leave these in form of comment but there are web tools that can be used to wipe them out for instance word filters.  You need to know – and if you don’t read your content, why should others?
  • Your Website Has Hidden Keywords and Meta-Data which are Stuffed
    It sounds better than it is – just a couple more mentions of that keyword.  Don’t do it – it is common to do these blunders, maybe unknowingly. You may think it is a fast track to great SEO.  Don’t think Google is not aware of this tactic.  Common ways in which site owners blunder are incorporating multiple versions of keywords into meta data, hiding content on pages using cascading style sheets or adding many keywords to image alt tags. To avoid these costly mistakes, it is imperative that you check your on-page SEO and make sure your are giving what Google expects of websites.
  • Your Content Has Been Stolen and Site Hacked
    Another problem – content theft is common practice on the internet these days. It is quite unfortunate that many legitimate sites have fallen victims to these malicious individuals and ended up being penalized without actually engaging in black-hat ranking techniques. You might have trouble with Google just because somebody stole your content which is quite unfortunate! Hacking is another serious threat that is even harder to evade. Sites that are prone to hacking in most cases have concealed malware which is not still noticeable on the back-end coding. The best way to avoid trouble is to always check your site for any vulnerability using various tools that are available.

Why SEO Shouldn’t Always Be a DIY Effort

Search engine optimization is a well-known way of helping a site rank better. Google, Yahoo and Bing are just three of many search engines favored by web users each day. Do you run a website? If so, you will doubtless be carrying out SEO techniques yourself.

After all; you can save lots of money and learn something new, right? While your DIY efforts are admirable, there are times where you just need to pay a pro to do your SEO. But, why is that? Let me give you a few reasons why I think SEO shouldn’t always be a DIY effort:



You don’t have the time

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a website for your business or otherwise. What does matter is that you divide your time as best you can. It’s no secret that most of us lead quite busy lives.

SEO, although a straightforward process, is often a time-consuming one. It’s not unusual to spend hours or even days fine-tuning your SEO efforts. Your time would get put to better use elsewhere. And, of course, letting an expert SEO guru handle things for you. Time is a precious commodity, after all!

You don’t know enough about SEO techniques

One of the other issues surrounding DIY efforts is the fact you have to learn about stuff. You might not realize it, but your SEO knowledge won’t be that comprehensive. Search engine optimization experts have years of experience in their field.

They will know which methods offer the best ROI, and ones that are a waste of time. If you attempted all SEO methods out there, you could end up doing more harm than good!

SEO experts don’t charge a fortune

OK, at this point, you are perhaps wondering if you need to take out a large loan to pay for an SEO pro! The good news is that you don’t. Believe it or not, hiring someone to take care of your SEO needs isn’t expensive.

That’s another reason it makes sense to hire someone else to do the work for you! Of course, you should check the person’s credentials before you hire them. The best way of doing that is to ask for case studies on past clients. After all; you’ll want to know how they improved the SEO for their customers.

You believe everything you see

We all know how brilliant the Web is. It offers a goldmine of knowledge, especially when it comes to promoting a website. Of course, not everything you read online is true.

Sometimes, what you read might be incorrect for deliberate reasons. Other times, the SEO “guides” you check out might offer outdated information. As with any industry, SEO evolves at a fast pace. If you’re not in the industry, you won’t know which ones are the right ones to use.

Unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, it makes sense to get a pro to optimize your site. It is money well spent, in my opinion! And you won’t have to worry about doing anything wrong!

Increase Profit Potential By Boosting Client Numbers

If those profit numbers are not quite as high as you would like, you will be searching online for the answer. That may have been what brought you to this blog in the first place. As with everything these days, the internet can help you a lot because the main way to boost profit, is to boost client numbers. The internet is the answer here as well or, more specifically, internet marketing. Now, do not get the wrong idea because internet marketing is not quite how it sounds. When you hear the two words together, you may think about those nasty pop ups that open when you open a site without ad protection. But internet marketing has evolved far beyond that and is now the holy grail for a business like yours. Here is how it can help you.

Design A Stunning Website

The first thing you need to do is design a website that looks and feels attractive to customers. You may already have a website online, but it may still need a redesign. Particularly, if it is not getting a lot of views. Or, it is getting views but theses viewers are not becoming customers for some reason. If you are having this issue or you think you might be, look into conversion rate optimization services. Companies that offer this specialize in making your website attractive to viewers. Thus, they make sure the viewer chooses to buy the service that you are offering. They do this by looking at psychological research and designing websites that makes customers.

Get Found

But wait, we may have jumped a step here. Perhaps you are not getting any customers to your site in the first place. If that is your problem, you should think about pay by click marketing. Pay by click marketing means that you pay a company like Google to put your company site higher up a search engine window page. The brilliant part about this is that the amount you pay for the service will depend on how many hits or clicks you get. You can be guaranteed value for money.

Be Sociable

If you are not on the social networks in 2015, your company is dead in the water. This is the way people find out what businesses and services they want to use. They follow them online, check them out and often use the companies that they see their friends or colleagues are using. Therefore, it is key your company can be found on the networks. So, if you have a Twitter page, a potential customer may see that their friend is following your feed. They may then enquire as to whether they used their service. The friend could then recommend your service or product, and this is how consumer interest spreads. If you combine the use of social media with a good website, it can happen very quickly.

We are certain if you use the tips above you will maximise your business profits. You may even be able to further expand your company.




Online Resources A Small Business Can Use To Expand

If you are the owner of a small business, you are most likely looking for ways to expand your pull on the market. You may be surprised to learn that most of the services that you need to do this can be found online. A quick google search can easily help you boost your business and extend the reach of your interest. But here are a few well placed hints that will get you on the right pages.


SEO or search engine optimization should be your first resource to look into use when improving your business online. This refers to the tools used for ensuring that when internet users search certain keywords related to your business, they find your company website. You can learn these skills yourself, but if you are having issues getting your head around it – it is quite complex – you can hire a company. SEO companies specialise in getting businesses like yours see online. They will look at your already existing site and arrange a cost to adjust it for you. Some will only charge if you see results.


A simpler way to get your company seen online is to use social networking. This is completely free and it works in a variety of ways so let’s look at a couple as examples. We bet you did not realise that you could use Snapchat for something other than sending fun faces to your partner. But actually it can be used as a business tool. If your business is attending a big event or conference, you can add snaps to the events story for any Snapchat user to see. Make the snaps you send interesting and colorful and this technique can easily put more money in the bank.

If you are using Twitter, we suggest you follow bigger fish in your industry and retweet them, being careful to link their sources. By doing this you will gain the interest of their already existing customers and you can use your twitter feed to send them to your site.


If want to expand your business, you are going to need more money. This can come from increasing your interest in the ways we have already have mentioned or attracting investors. But, you may find that you already have the money and do not know it. If you are a smaller business you may not have an accountant on hire. We recommend you research a small business accounting firm. They will be able to help you manage your costs and find the profits that never realized you had.

IT Support

IT Support is important for business expansion for a variety of reasons. Firstly, an IT support company can help you set up a network for your company. This means your employees and colleagues will be better connected and allow your business to run more efficiently. Second, it helps to have a company that can help you if your tech has errors or crashes. Large technical errors can set a company back a great deal, particularly if they are affected for more than a day. If you have an IT support company on hire, they can get your business back up and running in minutes. You will never lose any profit.

Any one of these resources will help expand and improve your business. But if you want the best results, look into utilizing all of them and thank us later.


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Fantastic Ideas to Help You Market Your Small Business

Running a small business can prove tricky, and the marketing is key to everything. You need to attract clients to your company, and marketing is how you do this. If you can get the promotion and advertising spot on your business should flourish. Here are some fantastic marketing tips to help you.


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Create a Great Website

The first part of the marketing process is making sure you have an excellent website. These are vital for all developing companies because people will research the company via the site. So you need to have a well-designed and laid out website that’s easy for people to navigate. It needs to be informative without being dull, and it should be packed with snappy content. You should also try to utilise SEO, and you can find out more about that below.

Start a Blog

Blogs seem to be all the rage these days, and in business it’s no different. The blogosphere is a powerful tool, and one you need to use as much as you can. Create a business blog as soon as possible and use it to talk about your company. You need to tell people what it is that makes you different from all the other businesses out there. You can also use it to blog about the industry and any promotions you may have. Try to guest blog too, so you can target a new audience.


It’s easy to overlook just how influential SEO can be as a marketing technique. This is the process of using keywords and algorithms to determine where your business ranks on search results. Now, a lot of businesses choose to hire SEO companies. But these days you can take SEO training courses that will teach you everything. Once you’ve completed these, you’ll know the ins and outs of the process. Then you can take charge of your own destiny and use the best SEO tactics for your business.

Get on Social Media

These days maybe the most powerful and effective form of business marketing is via social media. And as a small business owner you need to get on there and start making your presence felt. Create strong social networking profiles, and make sure you have an active online presence. You can use sites like Twitter and Facebook to drive your brand and make people aware of you. Don’t forget that you’ll have access to a global audience of millions of potential customers. Also, try to make sure you keep up with current trends to help your company stay relevant.


One of the oldest forms of digital marketing is via email. In fact, email has been maybe the one constant since the internet was created. This gives a good indicator of how powerful it is as a form of marketing. The major benefit of email is you can use group messages, or you can customise them for individual people. Make sure you are using email marketing as much as you can.

You might think that the launch process is the hard work when it comes to running your small business. And yes, that is pretty tricky. But the real hard work begins now because now you need to market your brand. Marketing is an essential part of business ownership, so make sure you get yours perfect.

3 Business Marketing Techniques You Have To Use


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Sometimes your business can struggle to find new customers, leaving you stuck in a rut. You’re running around trying to find ways to make things better, but nothing’s working for you. It’s time to stop worrying, and start winning. Use these killer marketing techniques to win over customers and get your business booming!


YouTube is a fantastic platform to market your business on. You can upload promotional videos to a YouTube channel as a way to get customers interested. Promo videos are great because they give you a chance to tell people the best things about your company. But it doesn’t just stop there, you should start using YouTube to its full potential. Millions of people watch YouTube videos every day, so it’s a massive market for you to tap in to. Start filming little Vlogs around your office each day as a little look ‘behind the scenes’ of the company. This makes your business look down to earth, and people might find it cool. It’s an excellent way to try and gain customers, while building brand recognition.


If you’re marketing something then you’re going to need a website. If you have a website, you’re going to need people visiting it. And to get visitors, you’re going to need to use SEO techniques. SEO is the single best way to gain web traffic. The main aim of SEO is to get your site soaring up the rankings and as close to the top as possible. Have a read of Gotch SEO’s blog to find ways of improving your search ranking. It’s important you rank highly, or people are going to find it hard to find your site. If you’re languishing on page three of a search engine, then you need to start using SEO right this moment. You have to use both on-site and off-site SEO if you want to achieve maximum results here. Also, there’s local SEO to consider too; it depends on your business plan. If you’re looking for a mainly local audience, then you’ll need to use it. If not, then local SEO probably isn’t worth your time.


Perhaps the reason your business is struggling is because you aren’t utilizing marketing methods out in the real world. Not everything can be done online, there are some techniques you have to do physically. Hosting a business event is a wonderful way to seek out new customers and establish yourself in the industry. An event allows you to gather your target audience all in one space. You’ll basically spend a few hours bigging up your business and entertaining the crowd. If all goes to plan, you’ll end up with more customers and an improved reputation. The key to a successful event is making sure you put on a good show. Keep the crowd entertained and lighten the mood with a few jokes here and there. You want to talk about your business, but don’t drone on about it. Use words everyone can understand and try to make a good impression. You want this to be an event people remember, and that other businesses try to replicate.
Try something different if you want to up your marketing campaign. Use these three techniques and see the customers come swarming through your doors.