How Quality Articles Affect Your SEO Position

With the new updates that Google has implemented, it seems as people’s rankings dropped quite a lot – what can you do to get your website back to the top and how do you improve your SEO position? SEO Position – Improving it is Not That Hard Improving your SEO rankings is not that hard. Google … Read more

Does SEO Work?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is a driving force to improve visibility of a blog or website on the Internet. Everyday hundreds of millions of web search takes place using various different keywords or keyword phrases for various reasons.  But – does seo work? Why Is SEO Important? Search engine optimization is a very powerful web marketing tool … Read more

Keyword in URL – FAQ

Having the keyword in the URL is very important to page SEO. Keyword in URL Example: or Keyword in URL Best Practices: When choosing URL’s, it must have your keyword.  Ideally in the “main” prt of the URL, but if you are deep inside your site – the keyword needs to be present. … Read more

Keyword in H1 – FAQ

The H1 tag is an HTML tag which is is used for “headers” – hence the “h”. H1 Tag Example: <h1>This is the best page.</h1> H1 Tag Best Practices: There should be one (1) and only one <h1> tag on a given webpage.  More than one, Google and other search engines will throw out your … Read more

Title Character Count – FAQ

The title tag is an HTML tag which is located in <HEAD> section of the HTML page. Title Tag Example: <head> <title>This is the example of the title tag…</title> </head> Title Tag Best Practices: Officially – 70 characters or less.  Why?  Because of SEO.  It comes down to 70 characters because it is “essentially” what Google uses and … Read more