Does the Google Bot index css hidden divs?

POST UPDATE 04/09/2015 Its been almost a year since we tried this…we think it is still vaild – but scroll down for some new links. What did we test? Well – we wanted to know if Google indexes hidden div’s in HTML code.  Seems logical that Google would – but who flippin’ knows – right? … Read more

How Many Pixels Does Google Use in the Title?

I’ve been waiting for a while now for SEO Mofo to tell us Google’s limit on the number of pixels Google will display in the title of a snippet. He created a 107 character title that Google displayed completely. But it was unclear whether this title was in fact the absolute limit on pixels. In … Read more

SEO Test: Google doesn’t care about Keywords in the Meta Description

This is a follow-up on my buddy Dave’s post a few days ago: “Do Keywords in the Meta Description Count as Keywords” He tossed out a test which checked to see if keywords in the meta description were a good, helpful thing…it turns out, then are not.  Worthless in fact. Here is what he did … Read more