Why does my site need SEO – Part 2/2

In this second post about “why does my site need SEO” and issues that might prevent you from ranking better, we’ll start with one of the most underestimated mistakes that webmasters make.

Why does my site need SEO? – Part 2

  • Failing to understand how Google prioritizes links.

SEO Basics: Off Page SEO

So most people who have a blog or website, they have heard of SEO, search engine optimization…but it usually thought of as an online activity.  But what about off page SEO?

Off page SEO is the idea to

improve rankings by adding relevant links or link building. If you can …

Recovering from SPAMMY links on your website

For people in the SEO industry, there was a time when names like panda and penguin only reminded of two harmless animals. The time of innocence is – alas – over and now these names are synonyms of the two algorithm updates, which dramatically changed the answer to the question: …