Samsung Series 3 Chromebox


  • Intel Core™ processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 16GB Hard Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • Wifi
  • Google Chrome OS


Samsung joins the ranks for Asus and HP with a chromebox.  This is a great little machines if you have a monitor from an old computer.

The Intel processor and the 4 GB of RAM make it peppy and with built in wifi it is easy to connect.

The price is on the high side of chromebox’s at $290.  But the quality of Samsung’s product line cannot be denied.

The best thing about the ChromeOS line has to be the Chrome Web Store. There are so many chrome extensions available that are of no cost to the user.  The chrome app experience is so good (they could use a little UI help with the store – but once you get used to it, it works well).  With a traditional desktop and laptops – you must go any buy software…either in a store or go to a site and download it.  This is not how Google’s ChromeOS works.  Its more like the Apple App Store.

If it is in the app store – it is automatically compatible too.  So you don’t have to decide which version is for you.  With a Chromebox, if you want a new functionality, search for it in the Web Store, add it to your browser quickly, and if it doesn’t work right or you just don’t like it, delete it. It’s similar to Android, except even with Android you still have to download the applications onto your phone.

Remember – you can choose to connect this computer to a standard computer display or take it to the living room and connect it to your large screen TV.

samsung-chromebox-03-02Samsung Series 3 Chromebox Reviews:

“For a guy like me, these are dream machines.”

“For the past few months, I’d been looking for a new home computer to replace my aging MacBook Pro. As I began to consider my options and take an inventory of how me and my wife were using our home computer, I began to realize that a Chromebox might be a good option for us.”

“After an evening of unboxing, cording and oohing and aahing, my new desktop Chrome OS computer is up, running and keeping me fully productive.”

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Samsung Chromebook 2


  • 11.6″ or 13.3″ display
  • 0.66 inches thin and 2.43 lbs
  • 100 GB of Google Drive free for 2 years
  • Up to 8.5 hours of use
  • Boots up in seconds


This 11.6″ (the Samsung Chromebook 2 also comes in a 13.3″ model if you are looking for something bigger) Samsung Chromebook 2 is a very nice looking laptop.  With a texture like the Galaxy Note 3, the lid of this laptop makes use of a faux-leather finish with a “stitched” lining, it feels very nice and has a great look. Samsung has really stepped up its game in terms of build quality. While the Chromebook 1 felt squishy and hollow – the Chromebook 2 gives off a great vibe, despite the relatively low price tag (under $300 for the 11″).

The Chromebook 2 is running a 1.6 GHz Exynos CPU.  Powerful enough to run many tabs at once – more like a laptop you’re used to.  Battery life is touted at 7 hours and 50 minutes, which are gained by leveraging a 16 Gig SSD Hard Drive and 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM of battery sipping memory.

The screen is not perfect – you will have to angle it to get the best picture.  The keyboard is similar to what you’ll find on pricier Windows laptops – its the chiclet-style that is popular.  They are spaced well and have a good amount of “push” to them. The sturdy panel underneath holds up well against fast typing.  A single trackpad with no real buttons – but that is also very common with today notebooks and laptops.

samsung-chromebook-2-02Samsung Chromebook 2 Review:

“The Samsung Chromebook 2 seems to have it all: powerful processor, more memory (4GB vs. 2GB on other brands) and new design.”

“The build quality of this machine is fantastic considering it’s price…..and it was evident the minute I opened the box and lifted it out. The solidity of it is just amazing. It feels far more expensive than it really is….okay, I’m impressed with the build.”


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Haier Chromebook 11


  • Rockchip RK3288 1.8 GHz Processor
  • 2.0 GB DDR3L SDRAM
  • 16 GB eMMC Flash Storage
  • 11.6-Inch Screen
  • Chrome, 10.0-hour battery life


The Haier chromebook is a great chromebook.  But it has been discontinued – they can be picked up used – otherwise, check out our other Chromebook Reviews.

Packing a 10-hour-battery, this chromebook will go all day.  Weighing in at a small 2.4lbs – that is fairly lightweight like most chromebooks…it is automatically kept up to date, with the latest virus protection and includes all the cool Android features like Google’s Voice Search.

The Haier will sync with your phone (Android phones & tablets, everywhere you’re signed in with your Google account) and as all chromebook machines – it will stay as fast as it came from the factory…not like the regular computers you are used to.

The Haier Chromebook 11 boots up within 8 seconds leveraging the quad core Rockchip processor giving you plenty of computing power.  measuring just 17.9 mm (4.9 mm over 1/2″) it will simply slip into your backpack or purse.

If you have a Google account – there is no setup necessary, you just login.  And switching or sharing between users and accounts is easy – share your Chromebook without anyone else messing with your stuff.

Product specifications: Up to 10 hrs battery life, 11.6” HD LED display, Rockchip RK3288, 1.8 GHz quad core, 16 GB eMMC flash, 2 GB DDR3L, dual band Wi-Fi, bluetooth 4.0, multi-gesture touchpad, virus protection built-in, Auto-updates built-in, 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI, 1 headphone jack, micro SD slot.


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Toshiba Chromebook 2


  • Intel Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz
  • 16 GB Solid-State Drive
  • 13.3-Inch Screen – 1366 x 768
  • Intel HD graphics, 802.11 A/C WiFi
  • Chrome OS, 11-hour battery life


Officially the Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35-B3330, this is Toshiba’s updated 13.3″ inch Chromebook.

It has a very sleek look – but looks a lot like the first generation model Toshiba had release and has a similar look to the MacBook line.  Don’t get me wrong, the MacBook’s are nicer…but they are also not in the $300 price range.

Compared to Windows laptops it is easily as good or better in fit and finish. The Toshiba Chromebook 2 has refined the power usage on its Chromebook to last up to 11 hours…this is unreal of any machine and is starting to get to tablet levels.


  • “This is one great computer…My Macbook is dying and I didn’t want another PC since windows 8. This chomebook is fast and I have not found any problems…”
  • “…happy with her Toshiba Chromebook 2, said it felt just like the macbook air 13 she had tried…”
  • “Battery life is amazing (charges fast), screen is ok for this price, boots in 2-3 seconds.”
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Internals include Intel Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz, 2 GBs of DDR3 RAM, Intel HD graphics, 802.11 A/C WiFi, a 16 GB SSD (with 100 GBs of free cloud storage) and a webcam.


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ASUS Chromebook Flip



  • 1.8 GHz Processor
  • 4 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Storage : 16GB Solid State Storage; No CD or DVD drive
  • 10.1 inches 1280×800 LED screen
  • Chrome OS
  • Silver Chassis


The ASUS Chromebook Flip (flip C100) is a 10 inch, touchscreen Chromebook with a 360-degree hinge – enabling regular notebook mode, tablet mode, also stand and tent modes.  The flip is great for note taking, sharing videos – it does have a full keyboard and touch pad and the touch screen is multi-touch.

This machine runs the Chrome OS software – making it different from Windows and Apple.

Asus Chromebook Flip Review:

asus-chromebook-flip-01The first thing you will notice right away when you grab this chromebook is how sturdy it is – that is largely due to the all aluminum chassis.  But that is important when you go to open up the 360 folding hinge – I cannot tell you how handy having the hinge do that.  Its great if you are using the laptop on your lap, on the floor or a table.  Pretty awesome.

For even more storage, add a microSD card in the slot.  You can get some pretty big microSD cards now – so adding 64 or 128 gig of extra memory is an ease.

One thing that many people don’t know about chromebooks, even though they are cloud based, they can download apps and data and then read them in offline.

If this machine will be used for anything other than light web tasks – email, calendar, skype, chat…then ensure you are buying the 4 gig memory version.

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  • Touchscreen – which I thought was kind of silly at first…but is very good.  This will also allow a stylus to be used.
  • Its a fanless computer – which means is runs very, very quietly.
  • The Asus knows if it is in portrait or landscape mode – and will switch the screen accordingly.
  • The built in web cam makes Skype and Google Hangouts a breeze.
  • Micro-HDMI


  • USB ports are a little tight at first but loosen with use.
  • No internal GPS
  • No built in HDMI streaming.
  • No backlit keyboard

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