Rolling the WP 2.7

Image via Wikipedia After a few hours of wraslin’ – I was able to move my blog to WordPress 2.7.  Yes, I did say hours – but I’ll admit…it wasn’t WordPress’s fault.  I was moving from WordPress MU and a nice, but not overly friendly host. All in all – it is worth it.  WP … Read more

Going Camping' – BarCamp NewsInnovation and WordCamp Iowa

BarCamp NewsInnovation My buddy Jason has “roped” me into BarCamp NewsInnovation.  OK, I’m not kicking or screaming – I work with him at an old media/newspaper outlet and we can only complain and moan so much before we have to act, and I guess this is the act. It is actually really cool, it kind … Read more

WordPress is the platform

I really like WordPress.  I think it is the platform many people are looking for to kind of solve the “platform” problem.  My personal issue is I’m tired of doing the same thing overs and over again – I want a place I can start that is a head start. I really think WordPress fits … Read more