Charging for Hulu? Newspapers better watch this one.

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After all the buzz around the ‘net about Hulu and charging for content in 2010 – this may be the show newspapers are waiting for.

The big question, of course, will it stick.  Hulu has some very impressive numbers going into 2010.  But what will that look like if they put up a pay gate?

…Jonathan Miller, News Corp.’s newly-installed chief digital officer, said he envisions a future where at least some of the TV shows and movies on Hulu…are available only to subscribers.

The big question is – How much?, What shows are protected? and Who will pay?

I personally have loved Hulu from the beta days and find it to be a great alternative to cable.  If, for a low fee – under $5, could get access to the shows they have now and a few more…may go for it.  But, I don’t want to wait a week for content.  I don’t want to see that content disappear in 4 episodes and I want more.

I think newspaper people will be eagerly watching too:

Miller also talked about what he thinks newspapers will have to do to convince readers to pay for articles that they’re used to getting free on the web.

So grab a seat.  Let’s see wat happens when they flip the switch.  More to come.


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