Chromebooks in the classroom – more schools are making the switch

From a recent post on rapid growth:

“The concept of 1-to-1 computing is simple: put a connected device in the hands of each student. Though these initiatives have been around since the 1990s, they certainly aren’t active in every district in Michigan. But for those who do have 1-to-1 initiatives, the impact on students and student learning has been clear. Just like the kids who now expect technology to be a part of their education, Mulder says there’s no going back to teaching any other way, for Allendale at least.”


Chromebooks in the classroom

Many school systems have come to the realization if they want to go to a 1-to-1 ratio, it is much more physically possible to do this with a $249 chromebook than a $999 MacBook.

Plus this formula in for 3rd grade through 12 grade and then add up some sort of tablet for the K thru 2nd grade. ¬†You’re taking some significant dollars. ¬†Dollar schools just can’t be throwing around with modern academic budgets.