Classified Security Hacks For SMEs

Small firms need to put an extra emphasis on hacking as they may be in the firing line. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to go back into your shell for protection. Here are the security hacks remote thieves want to remain classified.

One thing you may not be aware of is the fact that hackers prefer small businesses. Big companies and corporations invest in high-tech security features. Granted, there may be more to target, yet getting hands on it is difficult and not worth the hassle. This is especially true when hackers can easily break through an SME’s defenses without any effort.

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Closed-Source Code

The chances are the code you use is open-source. At the moment, it’s trending because it’s flexible and straightforward to edit to tailor a plan or strategy. Although this is good for companies, it’s also pretty cool for hackers too. Open-source code means they have access to all the info they need to break down digital barriers. That makes the business vulnerable to attack, like a property which tells burglars what alarm system it uses. Secure your apps and site features by making the code not as readily available. If that means purging partners and tools, then so be it.

IT Services

It makes sense to hire an IT expert considering hacking is their domain. So, this isn’t a tip that many entrepreneurs will find mind-blowing. If anything, it’s old and outdated. Well, this isn’t the case as the advice – outsourcing IT – is still valid to this day. However, there is a deeper meaning: what they offer. Managed IT services should provide constant network management, monitoring and support. Not only that, but a third party must take a look at the cloud plan as well as the server strategy. Be wary of companies that only offer coverage and support.


A box will appear out of nowhere and you’ll dismiss it straight away. There is no time for an upgrade, not when everything is running perfectly. What’s wrong with this thinking is the assumption updates merely increase server performance. They also help to keep data safe and secure too. Most upgrades come with features that preserve sensitive information. Failing to click on the pop-up means an old patch is running one which is easy to hack. Regardless of the application, it’s important to follow through.

Cyber Insurance

Before you ask – yes, there is such as a thing as cyber insurance. Insurers are willing to pick up the tab as long as you revise your policy. You will be able to claim for stuff including:

  • costs due to the interruption of services
  • liability for a data breach
  • costs resulting from informing customers

Now, it’s worth noting it won’t stop an attack from happening. For that to happen, you need to consider the previous points. But, it’s nice to know you can perform a factory reset should the worst happen. Plus, the company won’t go bankrupt as the coverage will account for the expenses.

Hopefully, these tips will mean you never have to suffer again.