Clever Ways You Should Be Employing Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has become a cornerstone of business and can be useful to you in several ways. If you haven’t yet got on board with all the ways you can use it, it’s time to get up to date. You can offer mobile services to your customers and use them within your office. From SMS marketing to ensuring that your website is mobile friendly, you need to use the technology if you want to keep up with your competition. Harness the power of mobile by using the methods below for your staff and your customers.


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Mobile Website

It’s not enough for every business to have a website now. Many people primarily use their phone or tablet to browse the internet. They’re likely to be using a mobile device when they research your company. Your website needs to work on these devices, or else you’ll miss out on a lot of opportunities. Having a separate mobile site used to be acceptable, but now it’s best to use responsive design. Your site can respond to the device each visitor is using to present them with relevant information. Mobile devices should receive the same essentials as your desktop site. But the design and layout should be appropriate for a smaller screen.

Create an App

As well as having a site suitable for mobile use, you might also consider making a dedicated app. However, don’t just make an app for the sake of having one. It should have a purpose, such as to make purchasing easier or to help promote your brand. There are lots of things you can do with an app. It could be a game, something to provide information and tutorials about your products or a way to make quick purchases. Give it some careful consideration before you decide what to do, or even if it’s worth making one.

SMS Marketing

Text messages can be a useful way of staying in touch with your customers. You can use it to notify them of deliveries, send them special offers, and more. If you want to use SMS marketing, you need to find a service to help you. Textedly can make the process simple and give you the tools you need to measure the results. As with other forms of communication, you need to know whether you’re having any success. You can check how many people are reading your messages and work out the conversion rates to measure the value.

Employee Devices

Mobile devices are useful in the office too, as well as when you and your staff are out and about. Smartphones and tablets make it easier to stay in touch and to collaborate on work. There’s no need to print something out if you can carry it across the office on your tablet. Employees can continue working as they travel using a tablet and smartphone. Mobile devices can make it easier for everyone to be more productive, wherever they are.

Mobile technology can benefit your business in a range of different ways. If you’re not already making use of it, now is the time to explore your options.