Conquering the Fear of Outsourcing Content Writing

Outsourcing content writing is one of the most powerful ways to build an online empire fast. However, with outsourcing comes a certain level of fear.

Many webmasters and bloggers don’t like hiring others to write their content because they really don’t know what they will get. They know they need fresh content regularly, but they are afraid to hire writers who charge more than a penny a word.

Sure, you might find a writer or two who can provide great content for a penny a word, but most of the best writers cost considerably more. The best writers know how valuable their content is, and they know that if their clients use it properly, the benefits will make it well worth the price.

Since one piece of content can be used to create hundreds and even thousands of dollars over the course of a year or a few years, good writers will charge more than a penny a word.

How to Test Writers and Take the Fear out of Outsourcing

If you are afraid to outsource your content writing because you want it done a certain way or you don’t want to end up with bad content, you need to test your writers. Most writers don’t have a minimum order and will take on projects that contain just one piece of content. This is a great way to test them to see if their content fits what you need.

When they send you the one piece of content, you need to scrutinize it thoroughly. Look for grammar and spelling errors, check it with copyscape, check the length and read it a couple of times over. Make sure the content is about the subject you asked for and in the tone you requested. If you ordered an article about computer tables, you don’t want content about computer software. If it reads well to you, is error-free and seems like quality content, then you have the assurance to move forward with more orders.

Once you find a writer that can create quality content, you want to move to the next step of the process. Order a few more pieces of content and continue to scrutinize it thoroughly. Sometimes a writer will provide their best work in the first piece, but cannot provide the same quality content consistently. Other times, they are great writers, and you will find that all their content is amazing.

As long as the quality of outsourcing content writing remains at a high level, you can build a trusting relationship with the writer. This can help you move forward with your project and get the content you really need without the fear of outsourcing your content to a professional writer.

This post was written by guest blogger Mary who likes to blog about many different topics, from how to build DIY computer tables to how to market your online business.