Create a Killer Authority Site Faster with User-Generated Content

The days of the mini-sites and blog networks are long gone. If you want to really experience success online, you need to build an authority site. You can build authority on any subject from cleaning equipment to weight loss. Some will require more content than others, but there are ways to quickly create the necessary content to help your site become an authority site.

It all starts with your structure and the content you originally put on your blog/website. If you make sure every sentence of content is high quality and engages the reader, you will easily find the authority you are looking for. The center or any great website is great content, so make sure you get this part down first.

User-Generated Content

Once your site has high quality content, you will start to receive user-generated content. This comes in the form of comments on your blog posts, and it can be very powerful. You want to moderate all comments because there are still many spammers out there trying to post a comment that doesn’t fit, just so they can get a link to their website.

You also want to make sure you respond to relevant comments. This can start to create a buzz and will give others the opportunity to add their two cents. If you remain engaged in conversations with those commenting on your posts, you will gain subscribers and start to see the benefits. More than anything, your site will start to gain authority.

Another way you can get user-generated content is with a social site. If you add a plugin or a tool to your site that allows subscribers to create profiles, share information and post on their own profiles, you will start to see authority very fast. This is a very powerful strategy very similar to Facebook, but on a smaller scale.

With this user-generated content, you will be able to build your authority much faster. It could be as easy as creating a community of people to support each other through a weight loss plan or anything else. The key is to remain active and engage your community as much as you possibly can. This will get people coming back and posting more content.

The Power of an Authority Site

Creating authority for your site will help you gain better ranking in the search engines, which will create more traffic. If you want to make money online, an authority site is the best way to do so. These types of websites have ranked well in Google for many years, but are more important as SEO becomes more of a black and white world.

The grey hat techniques that used to work for mini sites don’t work the same way they used to. Exact match domain names don’t rank as well as they used to, and you will find an authority site offers many benefits you simply can’t get from mini sites.

Post by guest blogger Michelle Deaven, a writer who enjoys blogging about many things, from the technology behind cleaning equipment to marketing online.