Does Your Website Work?

This probably seems like a pretty silly question, “of course it works!” I hear you shout, but are you sure? We all know that the internet is monumentally huge and that it has basically taken over the world and this means that it is more important than ever for businesses or anyone with a message to get across to have an online presence. When I ask does your website work? I’m not talking about your ability to navigate through it and see each page come up without any problems, that’s a given. What I’m really asking is does it achieve its function i.e. the purpose for which it was built? Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to see if your website is working properly.

The question is – can anyone see your website? Does your website work?

Can Anyone See It?

Millions of people create a website and then sit back, relax and wait for the traffic to come flooding in. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that; you need to optimise your site so that the search engines like Google know what it’s about and what sorts of web searches are relevant to it. This process is known as search engine optimisation (SEO) and with a concentrated SEO effort you can get your site to rank highly in search engine results and attract relevant visitors to your site. The key to this marketing strategy is that the visitors to your website will be people who are already searching online for things that are relevant to your site and so they are more likely to buy your products, sign up to your newsletter or whatever the site is there to achieve.

Is It Interesting?

A major pitfall of many websites is that reading through feels like watching paint dry to its visitors. If your content is laid out like an essay or full of complicated industry jargon then it could be doing you more harm than good. Websites are there to give potential customers more information about you and what you do and to convince them that you are the best choice for them no matter what the end goal is.

Make sure that your content is eye catching, interesting and concise. Tell them exactly the information that they need to make a purchase, enquiry or to use your service without giving them your life story. Remember online consumers have very short attention spans and they are very fickle, if you don’t show them what they want to know quickly and easily then they will go elsewhere.

Are You Converting Visitors Into Sales?

Maybe your website is getting 1000 visitors a week and that’s great if they are converting into to sales or sign ups but if those visitors are dropping out of your site without making a transaction or enquiry then you’ve got a problem… your site isn’t performing its function. You should always keep the consumer in mind when you are designing your website and creating content for it. It is a good idea to include “call to actions” on each page of your site encouraging visitors to make an enquiry or sign up to your service. These calls to action should lead them to a contact or registration form so that it is made as clear and easy as possible for them to perform a transaction which at the end of the day is what why your website is there in the first place.

Does your website answer positively or negatively to these questions?

Derek Gallow has recently had a website created for his business. He has hired a SEO professional acting as a Consultant who provides SEO services throughout Northern Ireland to ensure that his site attracts the right kind of traffic.