Don’t Let Your Business Website Cause You Drama

Your business website is a fundamental part of your business. To drive more sales to your business – your web site must be modern, contain fresh content and mobile friendly.  Some business owners can make big mistakes when it comes to their website. Your business website is your online impression.  It needs the same level of attention as a physical store needs. Here are 5 ways you can check.

1.  Is your business website visible in search engine results?

You need to know how you are raking in the search engines.  Not only just regular Google results, but how you rank on a mobile device matters too.  Google, Duck Duck Go and Bing are places people go to find answers to questions – and this is where you want to be found.

If you are unsure how to make this happen – you need to go to websites to help you or enlist the help of an agency who provides SEO services to get you ranking better.  Good SEO is at the crossroads of keywords and content.

2.  Does your branding work well with your website?

Branding is a close second to keywords and content – as the items you have for sale need to be recognized. Branding is your chance to make that first impression and it’s important to ensure that you work on your logo for uniqueness.  Try a test Google designers use – step back from your monitor 10 feet, does the page layout make sense?  If not – it will be hard for a visitor to understand what you want them to do.

Image source

3.  Do you have a social media strategy in place to promote your business online?

Once SEO and branding are in place, social media is a great way to bring people to your site.  This can be a never ending task – a social media strategy to will ensure you upload content consistently and content that engages your audience.

Social media is about providing value.  What do your customers and users what?  What do they need?  How can your website help them?

4.  How quickly does your website load?

Once the keyword and content is done – SEO experts will take a look at how fast your site loads.  This is especially true with mobile browsing.  The slower a website loads – the more impatient visitors get and tend to leave.  This world is measured in tenth’s of a second…so needless to say ints important.  Mobile phones can be slow – so they are measured differently than non-mobile, so make sure to test both.

5.  Are your images high quality?

The images on your website say a lot about your business.  It is important to make sure you upload quality and high resolution images. This can help your customers get a true indication of products and services as well as making your website visually appealing.

Great pictures evoke emotions and emotions are how you convert viewers to customers.