Easy Ways to Make Your eCommerce Business Look More Professional



People all over the world run eCommerce businesses of different scales and types. If you’re one of them, you might have begun your company as a side project. Perhaps you’re now looking to take it more seriously and turn it into a legitimate business to support yourself. If this is your plan, you need to make your enterprise looks professional and trustworthy. Customers will be more likely to order from you if they see that you’re a serious business and not just someone selling bits and pieces in their spare time. Try using some of these tips to improve your image.

Take a Look at Your Contact Details

Your customers will need to contact you sometimes, whether it’s to ask a question, make a complaint or send you a review. It will help you if your contact details look professional and business-like. Separating your business from your personal life is the first step, so make sure you’re not using your personal email or telephone number for customer service. You can still answer calls on your phone if you use a forwarding service. As well as a dedicated phone number, get a domain for your email and perhaps a virtual address or PO Box too.

Use a Call Answering Service

One of the cheap and easy ways to make your company look larger and better established is to use a virtual receptionist. You don’t need to be able to afford to hire someone full-time. Using a call answering service like the one provided by zintel.com.au, you can have someone answer your phone, pass calls onto you and take messages. You can use a personalized greeting and appear to be a business with a larger operation. Your company will immediately look more professional.

Professional Packaging

Sometimes the simple things can make a significant difference. Think about how you package your items to send to customers. By adding a few personal touches, you could make the delivery more memorable. Even just using a company logo on invoices could help your products stand out. You can include a thank you note in every package, print labels, wrap things, so they’re more presentable or even design your own packaging.

Create a Website

As an eCommerce business, you may already have a website you sell from. However, many people use several different channels to sell their things. For example, if you sell crafts, you might use Etsy, eBay, and similar sites. Creating one central website to act as a hub for information can help you to keep things more organized. You can also use a central shopping basket, so people can add orders from different stores and pay for everything in one order.

Improve Your Product Images and Descriptions

If there’s one thing that can let down an online store, it’s poor quality pictures and descriptions. If you take photos and write descriptions for your products, you should make them stand out. Take a photography course if you aren’t sure how to improve the images you use. Make sure you don’t just use product descriptions from distributors too. Write your own to make your store more unique.

If you’re ready for your business to be taken more seriously, start making some of these changes. You could see an increase in customers and satisfaction with just these few simple decisions.