Ecommerce Must-Have’s To Garner More Sales

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There is no point in talking to you about whether or not it is worth having an ecommerce store. You already know the answer to that. The system works and it works so well it is constantly eating into the profits of high-street only retailers.

What we want to do is tell you what essentials your ecommerce website needs in order to maximize your sales because that is what retail is all about. It is all about making sure you are geared toward success.

Read on to see our essential list of must-haves for every ecommerce store:

Mobile is King

More and more people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones, with the majority of internet surfers using their phone as their only means of surfing. Phones are now portable computers. Basically, if your website isn’t mobile friendly then you are going to lose a huge amount of possible customers; a huge amount. If you want to know whether your website is mobile-friendly then we recommend you visit and type in your web address.

Deals & Freebies

What research has shown is that customers decide whether or not they are interested in a website very quickly. So if you don’t grab and keep their interest immediately, they will go and find a website that does. A great way to grab interest is to have a section that is specifically dedicated to clearance items, deals, and even freebies. Another great way to have people stay on your site is to offer free shipping. People love a bit of free-shipping, as Amazon has proved.

Easy Payment

There is nothing worse for a customer than having to navigate an overly complicated checkout system, something that the professionals at know all about. 40% of all products that are added to a website’s ‘basket’ are left there. That can be infuriating for a business. As such, you need to find a way to make payment easy and encouraging. Buy With one-Click nailed this. Other websites have a banner that notifies users that products will only stay in the basket for 30 minutes. Consider what your best option is and then go with it.

Search Function

This is one of those luxuries that way too many online businesses, bloggers and retailers don’t seem to value and it costs them big time. A search function is an absolute must-have. Not only will this make your customers experiences that much better and that much faster, it will also allow you to use this data to consider what products you need to stock more of and which need to be cut completely. Oh, yeah, the search function should never be overlooked.

Contact Information

People don’t trust the internet, and for good reason too. There is just an uneasy level of anonymity that doesn’t sit well with a potential buyer and so they want to make sure you are legitimate first. If you don’t feel comfortable displaying your telephone number for whatever reason, such as you run your business from home, then we recommend you get yourself a 0800 number instead. This will have the same effect. It will make them trust you more.