Enemies of SEO: The 3 Worst Things You can Do For Your Search Engine Visibility

“Oh no!”, You’re probably thinking, “Not another article on SEO!”. It’s true that articles on search engine optimization are proliferate among business sites, and while SEO has become a ubiquitous buzzword (or buzz-acronym to be super specific) every day entrepreneurs are actively damaging their search engine visibility through poor choices. Business owners are conditioned to keep overheads to a minimum but they also understand where and how to make prudent investments to facilitate the growth of their reach. Investing in digital marketing and search engine optimization is usually a pretty safe bet, typically yielding a healthy return on investment. There are, however, certain caveats.

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While a great many businesses lean on outsourced companies like Ignite Digital to help boost their online visibility, SEO is not something that one can simply throw money at and hope for the best. Businesses must be ever-vigilant to ensure that their investments in SEO are not compromised by poor managerial choices. Thus, it’s vital to avoid these common SEO pitfalls of which even the most proficient business person can fall afoul.     

Outsourcing to the wrong company

While outsourcing your SEO is usually a prudent investment, one must also discriminate when choosing the right company for the needs of their business. Bear in mind that the cheapest is rarely the best. Many fledgling businesses are attracted by the low rates of SEO companies based in places like India and The Philippines and while there absolutely are genuinely good companies based in these areas, there are just as many cynical spammers. Entrepreneurs owe it to their businesses to thoroughly vet their prospective companies before handing over dollar one.

Not keeping outsourced companies on a tight leash

If you’re already outsourcing to an SEO company and see any of these red flags, it’s time to take your business elsewhere…

  • They have nothing to show- Even if they don’t have results to boast they should at least be able to detail their strategy for how they will increase your visibility and drive traffic. An SEO audit and some optimized content are be the bare minimum you should expect in the early days of business with them.
  • They don’t share their techniques- ‘Doing’ SEO’ is like fixing a car. It’s technical and confusing stuff which can be baffling to the layman and if they don’t at least attempt to explain in accessible terms what they’re doing, it’s like the mechanic working on your car simply saying, “What I’m doing here is… I’m fixing your car!”.
  • They’re not asking you to do anything- SEO is a two way street and any SEO company worth their salt will be very forthcoming with suggested changes that you need to make. If they’re not, they’re wasting your time and money

Poor quality content

Little did Bill Gates realize when he said “Content is King” that lazy and disreputable companies would misinterpret his words as “Post any old garbage, as long as it’s regular”. While regular content is an SEO must-have, it should never come at the expense of quality. Someone on your payroll should be accountable for enforcing the regularity and content of your blog posts, videos, ebooks and white papers on your website to ensure that your brand is not besmirched by poor quality content.