Engaging Marketing that Works

Whether you’re a small or big business, one thing that seems to bother people the most about advertising campaigns is how exposed they are. You might have an excellent logo and a great team behind your social media accounts that are doing a fantastic job at spreading the word, but even they’re making a difference and giving your business more exposure, don’t you feel like you could be doing better?

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Advertising is an aggressive game. To succeed with a campaign you have to beat out your competitors and you do this by getting into the face of your customers more often that your rivals. You can usually do this by purchasing more advertising time and throwing more money at advertisers to get more attention, but ultimately it comes down to how engaged your customers are.

Why Engagement is Important

Did you know that the majority of users on social media access the platform via mobile devices and tablet devices as opposed to a PC? Think about the number of people you see during your daily commute to the office or back home that are using phones. They’re either playing a video game to pass the time or they’re browsing social media to catch up with the latest trends, fads and to chat with their friends. As they flick through Twitter messages and Facebook posts, they’re exposed to a number of different advertisements that are tailored to their needs.

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By using your likes and dislikes and interests, advertising companies can target specific audiences that are related to your advertisement. This means that you don’t need to try and appeal to a wide audience with a very general and very broad message or banner. Instead, you should be trying to appeal to your audience by giving them a reason to click on your advertisements.

How to Engage Users

Users are drawn in by pretty advertisements and clear messages. There are some fantastic digital marketing designs firms that can guide you on how to design and style your campaigns, working on everything like the logo design, website design and even social media marketing services. If you’re not a digital marketing expert, then you probably won’t have a clue about how to engage users, utilize SEO optimization tricks or use complimentary colors that won’t clash on a website and make it look nicer.

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Something that many business owners and marketing firms often miss, however, is the fact that many people will view those websites and advertisements on a mobile device. As mentioned before, the majority of social media users access the platform using a mobile device. Trying to view an advertisement on a mobile device that was designed for a computer with a larger screen will usually make it impossible to view the entire message or image.

As a result, you have to design your advertising with mobile in mind if you want to engage your potential customers. Make sure you test your advertising campaigns on every device you can get a hold of, and aim to engage your customers and give them something to think about or consider with your promotions instead of just screaming about your product.