Finding the Right WordPress Theme for Your Political Campaign

With the election just being over and the results in, and of course being recounted in several states, there is a great deal of buzz on how Donald Trump was as successful as he was and it seems to all boil down to his message. People were looking for change, real change this time around, and that’s exactly what he promised. But, how did he get his message out? That’s right! He took advantage of digital media, and the Internet played a huge role in his victory.

So How Does WordPress Factor In?

If you are studying for an online masters in political science from a school that offers a political management specialization, you are probably interning with some of the best political managers in the country. Here is where you learn the importance of sticking to message and one way to do that is to carry your theme through to your online presence. Here is where you learn the importance of finding the right theme for your political campaign, the one you are managing. And why WordPress? Simply because it is the easiest Content Management System (CMS) to work with so that you have more time to spend on managing your candidate to victory!

WordPress Themes Are Critical to Image on the Campaign Trail

Finding the right theme will have a huge impact on creating the image you are after. Again, look at Trump’s victory and you’ll see why, and agree. He played heavily on the fact that he would bring jobs back to America and keep the jobs in America open to Americans and not illegal aliens. That’s the message people obviously wanted to hear. So how did he get this across? If you answer with “Old Glory,” you got it right again! The old red, white and blue of the flag that so many alt left radicals were attempting to burn and disrespect. That is what the working man wanted to hear and the flag was symbolic of the “American Dream” that was the driving force behind our country for countless generations.

Choosing between Custom and Out-of-the-Box Themes

When learning to manage a political campaign, there is so much to learn that you just might want to settle for an out-of-the-box WordPress theme which can be set up and live within an hour, or so. Yes, you can have custom WordPress themes designed for you but in a learning environment, such as when studying for your online masters degree in political science, it really is easier just to find a free theme that fits your ‘candidate’s’ message and begin working from there. Usually, in a classroom setting you will be assigned a candidate, fictitious or real, to begin managing.

This is where you can learn the ins and outs of online promotion and how important that is to your candidate’s success. Again, look at how Trump used the Internet and you will see that digital media works!

That’s the real beauty of WordPress. You can find a free theme that is already designed for political campaigns and then begin ‘working it’ so that you get a feel for the real thing when the time comes. It would be best to volunteer for a real candidate in a real race, but failing that, a virtual setting can teach you all the strategies you need so that when you have that degree in hand you are ready to take your candidate all the way to victory. And, believe it or not, WordPress is ready to help you do just that.