Five Basic Steps on How to Create an SEO Glossary

Search engine optimization is considered to have a language of its own: Black Hat SEO, Blog Farm, Adsense, or Grabitrage. If you are interested in understanding search engine optimization in order to boost your site’s Google rankings, or because you may want to work in the search engine optimization industry, drawing up an seo glossary which contains terms will help you comprehend the jargon of the field. Posting an seo glossary on your blog will help establish your own company as  knowledgeable in the search engine optimization field and offers a resource which might draw users who want to learn more about this topic.

  1. Try to draw a list of search engine optimization terms. You should gather them by simply browsing SEO- as well as web-marketing sites like Virtual Grace, Kuno Creative and SEOBook, or online magazines like “Visibility” or noting distinctive or phrases like “broken link” or “click through.”
  2. Try to note any familiar phrases which may have an entirely distinct meaning in search engine optimization marketing. For instance, “bad neighborhood” will refer to a site which Google or any other search engine has penalized for the strategies it used to attract web browsers. These terms will often confuse people who do not know the specialized search engine optimization meaning, so it is worthwhile explaining them.
  3. You may note down the definitions of the phrases by using your very own words and not just copying simple definitions from other websites. You should know that limited amounts of borrowing do not violate copyright, but if you should copy and paste on a large scale, you might violate copyright.
  4. You may add some terms of your own if you may think of any which may be appropriate. For instance, the SEO-Theory site will coin “frogblog” for bloggers who can manage a few blogs and hop between them making a lot of short posts.
  5. You should compile all your definitions as well as words into a glossary and post it on your site. If you should define one term by referring to another, you should include a link in your definition which will take your reader to the second term.

These are only a few basic steps which can be followed if you want to create a seo glossary. However, you might feel the need of more in-depth information and for that the internet is full of great related tutorials.

 Author:  Denis Walker who is a contributor for How To Trade Commodities where you can get some useful tips when it comes to investments.